Weathering our Storms Together

Weathering our Storms Together

Thursday, December 10, 2009

What Meets the Eye is not always What is in the Heart.....

I hesitated even putting up this post right now....given the "holiday season" It's kind of natural to lean toward "good will" thinking and gestures. However, the story I have to tell is not one that happened to the tune of the salvation army bell, to the back drop of falling snow, or even a cold month of the year. It was a warm day in May, not too long ago....

Let me start with the fact that I was raised in a household that taught accountability. You paid your bills, took care of your family, you didn't shop at Good Will, didn't participate in the reduced lunch program, didn't get medical cards, food get the picture. My folks aren't snobs...they just believed in making your own way and not "copping out". (for the record, I *love* the Good Will store, this was just an issue with my Daddy)
Soooo....I kind of had this preconceived notion of some things that I wasn't accustomed to.

So anyway, I was driving to Wal-mart with my kids when as I was turning in, there sit a guy, with a dog, holding a sign that said : VERY HUNGRY, PLEASE HELP...ALSO NEED WORK.
This wasn't a new sight, nor was it surprising.....and my first reaction was "ewww". He looked like he needed a bath, and was outright asking for something. Now, I didn't say this out loud, but I *did* think it. My kids said, "Poor Man"...I said, "Yes, poor guy." But I was thinking, "maybe you should get rid of the dog, take a bath, and try to look presentable." I turned in the parking spot and went in. With each step I took, the feeling of dread in my heart grew. I was sick. I was told in my heart, by that still, small voice that I know well, that I *knew* nothing. I felt with a certainty that I would not make it home safely if I didn't take the man some food. I could list a million reasons why I didn't feel like I needed to give this man something 1.) our budget is *really* tight with Handsome Hubby's pay cut and he is out there daily working hard for not much 2.) Shouldn't that guy be "in action" trying to be productive in finding employment.....etc.
But anyway, I bought some things that had a long shelf life and took them out to him.
I don't *know* if he was legit, I don't *know* that he ate the food (he could have fed it to the dog?)...but I *do know* that I am answering to a higher power and *HE* will get my attention and if I want to keep my lines of communication open with *HIM* I will do his bidding. (Whether I can *figure out* the issue or not, this seems to be a problem with my analytical mind).

The point is I don't know everything, even what meets my eye does not scratch the surface. I am trying diligently to keep this in mind. There are things I will never understand. Recently while taking Dear Daughter for her Vandy checkup, I watched parents with terminally ill children. I read names on a memorial for pediatric cancer victims....Am I *better* than those people? NO.
I have always considered it a blessing to have healthy children. But am I "blessed" because I am better, harder praying, more deserving than the parent who just buried their child. Absolutely not. So I am considering my words.....
I recently commented on someone's home saying it was "lovely".....and it was, very nice interior and exterior, nice furniture, up to date everything. Parked outside were nice cars, and they went on a long vacation a few months prior. I was answered with , "Yes, we are blessed."
Sometimes it sounds like "Blessed" is tantamount to wealth, health, and "stuff". Hmmmm.....

I'm a firm believer that "hard times" (in whatever form) will come to us all....and that it is best to show empathy, offer genuine prayers, and reach matter what you consider "a blessing"...

My opinion (and it's only that) is that it's a blessing, a privilege, an honor to be able to worship in freedom, call upon *Him* without fear, and trust in Him, my God, in the times that are troubled as well as the times that are peaceful.
I was once told you don't get the burdens you deserve, but those you can carry. I know some mighty strong people, whom many wouldn't consider "blessed"...but their strength is amazing, their grace is encouraging, their walk with God ..inspiring.....
*Blessed* is truly in the heart of the beholder....and it's not always what meets the eye that reflects what lays in the heart.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Pic above: We love to see innovative amish ideas and ways. Kid's liked that this guy was hauling his wheel barrow on top of his buggy in heavy traffic.
Pic Above: Sweet Son and Dear Daughter at the Homeschool Fall Festival
Pic Above: Face painting for Dear Daughter!
Pic Above: Field trip to Humane Society. My lovely, multi-faceted, pioneering friend is the host.
Pic Above: Live Native American Village! What fun!
Pic Above: Joking around with Sweet Son in the Dollar Tree (burning time between Tues. Classes)
Pic Above: Dear Daughter getting some much needed assurance and love from Handsome Hubby at her latest Vandy visit.
Pic Above: Me and Dear Daughter after our "make-overs" courtesy of FB friend.

I am *so* thankful for my family. I am also thankful for the opportunities that have been provided to me in my everyday life. The moments above are brought to you courtesy of today's sponsor: HOMESCHOOLING. :-)
Seriously, at least half of the great moments I have had with my kiddos are within the 8 or 9 hours they would have otherwise been away from me. (Which by the way is one of the main reasons we even looked in to homeschooling, seemed *odd* that we should hand over our kids to be raised and educated by the state the majority of their waking hours).
I will usually go out of my way to not *stand out*. I don't like attention being drawn to me...but when you are different, in whatever way, you get attention you may not really want.
There's one little girl that asks my daughter every time she sees her.."So, are dresses all you ever wear." Dear Daughter says sweetly, "yes." I tell her to say, " not much has changed since last week, yep, still wearing dresses." LOL I remember this from my school days....some people just can't help themselves. If someone is all the time commenting on your "difference" it either: 1.) bugs them in some way 2.) makes them ashamed or 3.) they have early onset dementia. "
When my children were toddlers, I had friends who would shake their heads at me as I encouraged my kids to breathe onto the window pane then "write" their name on it, they would scoff as I cleared out our small kitchen and pulled out the finger paints. I think there was possibly some heart failure when we started to homeschool. We still run a *different* household. Dear Daughter still raids the pantry for canned goods she hauls into the living room, sets up on my ironing board, and plays grocery check out. One year our expectant cat provided a several week study of gestation in animals, the culmination being watching her birth the kittens. Earlier this year my hysterectomy provided another learning experience, kids accompanied me to the Dr. each time, and went over the literature and procedure outlines with me. Many trips have been made to the pond to collect, study and set free. We have ate dinner, cleared the table then dissected a pregnant fish where our plates just set... etc. etc. Homeschooling is truly a different lifestyle. Spending 24/7 with your children, and they with you, is an amazing experience......

So, different we are, and, I'm assuming, different we'll stay. Both Sweet Son and Dear Daughter express their desire to continue to be homeschooled. There are a few down sides to homeschooling, like my carpet getting much more wear and tear, hey, the whole house gets more wear and tear. My kitchen is continually used as a lab, I have a busted place on our counter from a coconut experiment, I'm in extreme need of updated kitchen cabinets, my oak table has years of handwriting worn into it, my car interior is shot from all the living in it, We don't have as much *stuff* because our extra money usually goes toward another class, more books, or something of the sort, and there's an extreme lack of privacy.
Such a small price to pay for the gain. :-)

Friday, November 13, 2009


This year’s candy trays will include the following candies: buckeyes, coconut bonbons, cookie dough truffles, fudge, peanut butter fudge, Tiger butter, chocolate oatmeal drops and of course some novelty items to dress up the tray. (Novelty items could include dipped pretzels, Santa or snowman faces). All of the candy is made with quality ingredients. Trays come festively wrapped with bow, personalized gift card, and an ornament. If you want your tray to be delivered to the recipient (someone other than yourself in Bowling Green or Brownsville only) there will be an additional $5.00 charge) Please call or email if you have any questions. 597-8060 or Merry Christmas!!!
Large (size has been increased since last year) has 120-135 pieces of candy (not including novelty items) $78.00
Medium: Have 65-75 pieces of candy (not including novelty items) $39.50
Small: has 35-45 pieces of candy (not including the novelty items) 21.50
Specialty orders: A specialty order consists of 35-40 pieces of one specific candy. These orders come in a holiday tin with a bow and gift card. $17.50

Monday, November 9, 2009


Oh my goodness! We are getting ready to celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary....WOW..
Can't believe it's passed this fast! The picture above is of our wedding night....I was 17 (and not even a half) and Handsome Hubby was 19! ****and*** we're still married. :-)
We, like most couples, have had some struggles, but for those of you who read my blog or Face Book page know I'm hopelessly in love with my guy, and that he's a super sweet gentleman...a pick me flowers on the road side guy, a rub my feet with lotion guy, a work two jobs so I don't have to guy, a put up with my animals guy, a grill me Greek chicken guy, a send me roses when I'm blue guy, a never yell at me guy, my husband!
Not even a year after this picture was taken, we lost our first baby in a late term was a struggle and that year and the year following was the hard times in our marriage. That loss and the one after was hard, and we were incredibly young.
Now we are "young" parents of an "almost teenager" and a 10 year old. Living a life of homeschooling/working chaos. Well sorta, we *make* time for each other....we love to hang out together with our kids. We laugh, play scrabble, watch old Andy Griffith reruns, color, throw ball, take walks, bike rides, camp out in the living room floor, etc. etc. It's fun!
Our kids groan now when Handsome hubby smacks my rear. They roll their eyes when we sit on the couch and kiss. But they know we love each other. :-) It's a joke at our house....and we've threatened their lives with certain goings on!
I am *so* happy and blessed to have such a great family....Jarrod is the head of our household and more than willing to be his help meet.

So now that I'm 32 I see a lot of things differently. I wish I hadn't faulted my in-laws on petty issues that don't matter. I wish had been kinder to my folks, strangers, neighbors....
Some things just don't matter. Handsome Hubby, at 34, sees things differently too. However, one thing has remained constant....our love...the only thing that has changed there is the depth!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Fight For Family Life

Above is My Grandaddy and Nanny Bledsoe. Their wedding just before Grandaddy went off to War. Nanny stayed with her folks and read Grandaddy's letters (sitting on a milk can near the mailbox). She saved his War money to buy a bedroom suite for when he got home. It's in my room, what Handsome Hubby and I sleep on today. Grandaddy and Nanny are still happily married, living about five minutes from me. Lord willing, my family will again, as every year, eat Thanksgiving dinner with them.
Picture above is of my Pa and Nanny Houchin. Sweet as can be....I was raised a field over from them and spent many days and nights at their place. Pa raised produce for many grocery stores in Bowling Green. I would help polish peppers and grade them. On some special days I would go deliver with him..Where I would sit side by side with Pa during the ride while he told me stories. I loved to show up just before lunch time to find Nanny in the kitchen making lunch for the farm hands. She always let me lick the frosting bowl. When I stayed over night, Nanny would snuggle up with me and do word find puzzles. Pa and Nanny are still happily married and ate lunch at our house last Sunday.
Above is my parents....married on a October weekend so they would have a couple of days honey moon before mom went back to finish her Senior year in high school. I can't say enough about how thankful I am for my parents and how they raised me. My stay-at-home Mama was always there for me and my brother (and still is!). My hard working Daddy, factory by day, farming by evening, made sure we were taken care of and made time to give extra love and encouragement for us. Daddy and Mama had the "you can do it" attitude. They have been our biggest fans in homeschooling. I love them so much!


Increasingly it's becoming "hip" in our society to be non-traditional. There are some ideas in which I can really appreciate this (homeschooling???!!!). But it just about drives me up a tree to hear and see the family unit being put down. I *love* the traditional family ...Dad, Mom, and kids. It's completely how things are *supposed* to be. Kids shouldn't have to deal with Mom or Dad's new boy/girl friend, being shuffled to this house or that while their parents play the dating scene.
It's sad. The situations reek of irresponsibility and the "me" syndrome.
There are many, many people I love who are in broken and mixed homes...this is in no way a slam against any of them. It's just facts. Look what are children have become in a society whose family values have plummeted. There is no longer shame in infidelity, premarital sex, etc. It's *cool*. From the way we are dressing our little girls to the examples we are setting in front of our little boys....we are giving them the *wrong* message. The do as I say, not as I do notion is obviously not working.....
In the very best of situations, our children have a lot to face and overcome. The pressures to *fit in* are great. Authority figures are many times giving their "ok" on precarious, dangerous lifestyles and ideas. When the situation a child is in goes from *ideal* to *less than ideal* that child is more at risk.
Think of our children! What are we telling them? Be it in words or actions....we are sending a message. Make yours a positive one!
I thought I might post a few pictures of some folks who kept family values in the midst of some hard times.....(pictures above).

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Last night after the guys got the gun urge out of their system, we carved, I mean *they* carved pumpkins. I took pictures, cleaned out the fridge and cleaned up dinner dishes.
Every year about this time we all gather in the kitchen and start shouting ideas at Handsome Hubby (Master Carver). I always have a cat (surprise, surprise). The kid's ideas vary, but it's always something other than two triangles for eyes, one triangle for nose, and jagged means I can't carve it. Sweet Son and Dear Daughter usually help some, and have a grand time digging out the goo and making comments that turn my stomach. This year Sweet Son took up carving himself. He carved the third one from the left and had a great time doing it!
Pumpkin carving is a tradition in our household, and was in my household as a kid. My Daddy's birthday is on Halloween, so it was always lively and festive at our house, I kinda took that mood into my own family. I had no idea that there were people who didn't participate in the fun festivities until we started homeschooling ( I showed up at a fall event with ghost treats, argh) I read up on the history and was appalled. However, I am going to take the Victorian stance on this. The Victorians (early 1900's) made Halloween a "party time" originally started as a young adult celebration. They bobbed for apples, made cards, played games to "for tell" ones future spouse, and pretty much introduced the "fall festival".'s to some fun fall times.....

Here's the first couple of pumpkins Handsome Hubby Carved.
Julia got her pumpkin carved first, she gets sleepy around 8:30.

The long awaited for "goo moment". Sweet Son couldn't get enough....Dear Daughter was finished after the first couple of handfuls.

Handsome Hubby getting ready to carve. (He's *so* cute!)

Dear Daughter didn't last until all the carving was over. She made her a bed on the sofa so she could be near us and fell asleep. Miss Mary (kitty cat) liked her idea.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Being Thankful....

The past few weeks I've had a party almost daily. A party for myself...and pity was the only guest. When I took a step back and took a look I was ashamed....the things that I worry over are so small compared to what they could be, or what I see others struggling with. Given the event of a tragedy, they would mean next to nothing. I started considering the things I was thankful for.....salvation, my husband and children, my marriage, my extended family, my friends, my church, my home, my health, etc. etc.
I decided that I need to get back to finding pleasure in everyday small things....I've pretty much always been a person that could find something enjoyable no matter what my surroundings. Whether it be a tree gently swaying outside of a window, the sound of rain, a cat swishing its tail, the clouds, the sun...something.. It's always there, it's just whether I take the time to consider it. Yesterday, Julia and I sat and watched a squirrel digging and scurrying and carrying it's bounty away. A common sight, one easily passed over, but enjoyable.
I also come to the conclusion I need to *slow* down. Mentally more than anything. I had gotten into a mode of not focusing on the task at hand, but projecting onto the next thing that needed to be done. This rat race produces anxiety, stress, and leaves me feeling exhausted at the end of the day. I also don't give the needed attention to my children during the day when I am so engrossed in "doing and going and getting". Being there means more than *being* there. :-)

Our lifestyle does require that I multitask, stay pretty much busy, carry on more than one conversation at a time, and being able to switch gears quickly and smoothly. I do nearly everything during the day with one of the kids talking to me. I can't always take the time to do things how I want to, when I want to. But what I can do is make the best of the moment. If the moment is stressful, I can handle it with grace. If the moment is hurried, I can slow my mind. I can accomplish these things with Him who has has brought me this far, I can hand Him the worries and fretfulness, the cares and burdens, the fear and intimidation.
And He will carry the load.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Privacy....or the lack there of...

La Toilette. About the only place, recently, that I'm alone....well,not really alone, because I have many conversations through the bathroom door with my kids. This is, however, a step up. Not so many years back the kids, or at least one of them sat at my feet while I was on the toilet, or in my lap, or played with hair curlers in the floor.

I *love* homeschooling, but if there is anything I struggle with it's the lack of privacy....or lack of minutes I have alone. Everyone needs a few minutes alone at times. Sweet Son is 12 and Dear Daughter is 10 and they've always been home w/me....they've never been to public school (gasp, gasp). When they were little, I didn't have to worry much about what I said at the doctor's office, what they heard in my phone conversations, etc. etc. But now it's a real issue.
Earlier this year I had a hysterectomy. My kids went with me to *every* doctor's visit. In fact they were both with me at the initial visit just for a check up when Doc first thought there was something wrong. I was scared....but I had to gather myself together and go out and tell my kids it was "no big deal" that they needed to run a few tests. There sat both kids leafing through publications on breast cancer, ovarian and cervical cancer etc. (the only reading material in the office) Immediately both of them froze. and started to worry. And wanted to come back with me for the tests. Er, no honey, I don't think that is a good idea. (internal ultrasound). Both of the kids became well educated on fibroid tumors and learned about a my surgery and was there the day of.
Another issue for me is the buying of personal items. The kids are old enough now to send a few isles over and browse. But they both love looking through my cart. ARGH. Some things I just don't want them to see."What is this, Mom?" Gee Whiz.
Phone conversations are always monitored. Most of the time by dear daughter.....LOL. Very curious little lady, she is. For the most part the kids go w/me to the grocery, dentist, doctor, errands, well, just about anything I have to do. For the most part I enjoy it.
Every couple of months my parent's will offer to keep them for an afternoon or overnight. I really enjoy the first couple of hours. After that, my need to be alone or have privacy starts waning...if they stay over night, by the next morning I'm down right anxious for them to get home....LOL
I think about how quickly the past 10 and 12 years have passed...I don't have that many more left with them as I'm more than willing to forgo my privacy (and maybe even a tad of my sanity) to have the time with them.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Being Nice......

Being mean, angry, vindictive, or mad is exhausting. It's unrewarding and much of the time unproductive.
I had a very long day in town yesterday with my kids. We were there about 12 hours, doing errands, kiddos had classes, and we done some volunteer work. I ran into a couple of people who were just not being nice. I don't get it. Why not be feels better than being mean, it looks better than being mean, it's less exhausting than being mean, it's just PLAIN BETTER than being mean.

I'm not going to discuss one of my encounters of the "un-nice"...but the other incident happened at Kroger gas station. I carefully maneuvered my car to get a space at the pump and was about a fourth of the way in when, from the other direction, a person zipped right in the other three quarters of the way, stopped and starred at me and raised her eye brows, when I met her eyes, she looked away. I don't know why, but this struck me funny, I wandered what, in her life, had made her want to be mean.....Her grumpy look and need to be first made me laugh. Then ultimately made me feel sorry for her. I calmly backed out and went to another space. What did she get out of that? not sure. Gas fill up 10 seconds before me? Looking "big and bad" in front of her kids sitting in the back seat? Was she taking out on me her anger and need for control over someone in her life? Who knows.
But I've always been curious as to why people, on a regular basis, choose not to be nice. I know there are days when everyone gets mad or grumpy....and I know there are times when anger, used in the right way, can be a motivator....I'm sure that's how many of our laws are made and bills are passed. And I'm sure that it's a big part of battle field survival on the war front. However, most anything , in our every day lives, can be done with respect and with out all of the anger and huff gruff.

People who go out of their way to annoy, embarrass, harass, put-down, or one-up another person are sad folks. AND they are waiting for you to react in kind...
Same for those who are "sappy sweet" but internally vindictive and ill-will plotters.

Genuine nice is a stress reliever, a calming agent, a good example, a good night's rest producer, and it makes you (and those around you) smile.

Being nice is doing something good from your heart for the person who has wronged you.
Sometimes that's difficult. But, always is rewarding.

I get mad or angry at times and sometimes get the "un-nice" urge, but if I use my energy to something more productive I feel better every time.
If I let something that happened in my past, produce anger all of the time, then that person or event is controlling me and my life. If I let it go, give it to the Lord, and live..things are better and I'm a nicer person. :-)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mothers and Children.........

I, up until the past year, had personally never met a female who didn't want children. I knew they were out there, but I just personally never had the chance to chat with one. (maybe it's my choice of company, don't meet many motherless children at homeschool groups LOL)

I've met those who couldn't have children. I have been a person who thought I couldn't have children ( or at least bring a living child into the world) at one point. It was heart wrenching and sad. I've met ladies whose husbands didn't want children. I listened to them lament over the fact that their husbands were too childish and caught up in their own lives to have children. I've also met, the "we're not ready yets" who want children in a few years. Then I met Millie (name has been changed).

I met Millie about a year ago at a nursing home. My family has always done quite a bit of volunteering at nursing homes and thoroughly enjoyed the crafts and events we helped out in.
On this particular day, I was waiting for the kids to finish a craft and I wondered in a room and there sat Millie, tears running down her face. Millie was 91.
I took her hand and sat with her. She started talking and I started weeping with her. She talked to me about her life, how successful she had been. The countries she visited, the classes she taught, the plays she had seen. She described the house she had lived in, the cars she had drove. She even mentioned the fashionable clothes she had worn. Then she told me about her decision not to have children. Millie was married to her husband for about fifty years. She told me they were "too busy" for the chaos children brought to lives, didn't want to put the energy, time or money into having children. Her husband had his hobbies, she had hers and their life was full. Millie told me she had never been more wrong about anything.
She said the biggest regret she has is not having children. "Look at me," Millie sobbed, "I sit here and watch children come in and comfort their parents, and watch the parent's eyes light up. I have none of that. I've missed everything."
I tried in vain, to comfort Millie. I left there sick to my stomach.
I've never been able to imagine what it would be like not to want children. I've wanted children as far back as I can remember. I wanted children when I was wagging around my baby dolls. I wanted children when I stuffed my cats into baby clothes and tried to cram bottles in their mouths. I wanted children when I babysat my neighbor's kids. I wanted children when I sat in the doctor's office and listened to him explain why I kept miscarrying. I've always wanted children. I think God designed us ladies that way.

While I've still never met a young lady who has told me she doesn't ever want children. I hear of them, and my response has been, well if they don't want children, they are better off without them....but now I think of Millie. I'm not quite sure what the answer is, but I can't imagine living my life without children.

Just my thoughts for today......

Monday, September 28, 2009

Living it.....Loving it.....

I know I have several homeschooling families reading my blog, and so if you are one of them, this post is probably not very insightful....however, I also have friends and family reading who are very curious to how we spend our time, why handsome hubby and myself feel like *we* can give our children a good education, why we aren't worried about socialization, and don't our kids want to go to public school????
The above pic is of Sweet Son volunteering at our local public school (5/6 center). He is helping out at the Health camp. He worked with several kids, enjoyed the Senior football players helping out and just adored the "drunk glasses". And guess what??? He carried on intelligent conversation with the Senior guys, the coach, the teachers, adult visitors, and the children. Hmmm...Socialization was the *big scare* when we first embarked on the endeavor, I'm not very concerned now. From Webster's Online Dictionary: Socialization: To make Social, to fit or train for a social environment.
Handsome Hubby and myself are pleased that our children socialize with all different age groups, can carry on a conversation, without prodding, with a three year old, up to a 100 year old.

Dear Daughter also volunteering at the Health Fair (thanks Mrs. Libby). Helping the kids build a healthy snack.
Here Julia is working on a budgeting assignment. I taught a budgeting class at our local community action. The kids helped out a lot. Handsome Hubby and I figure that if we give the children lots of different learning opportunities, in many different environments, with many different people (ages and otherwise)...they will be well rounded and prepared. Don't know about the future, but I am proud of them!
Here Sweet Son and Dear Daughter deliver food with the Feed America Back Pack program to our local schools. Mrs. Libby took her time to teach the kids about the hungry children in our small county and what they can do to help. Alex is also working on a paper for his geography class concerning World Hunger. It was surprising to the kids (and me) how many people were in need of food in our area.
Kiddos unloading boxes for a couple of different food programs for our hometown.
Julia learning her CPR. Alex has been certified since last year (recently recerted). Both kids enjoy the Red Cross and are trained in first aid, CPR, and have a babysitter's certification.

Sweet Son and Dear Daughter in their Red Cross Gear working the Edmonson County Chamber Breakfast. They love working in our county (me, too!).

And, No, neither Alex or Julia, to this point, want to go to public or private school.....both have expressed their desire, adamantly, to homeschool......I don't know what the future holds, but for now, this is our life.
Our days go something like this:
Start at7:30ish. Bible reading, Reading aloud....Alex goes to work on his online classes, lots of research, posting to forums, and papers to write. I work with Julia on her math and grammar.
Both kids read literature selections. Spelling, critical thinking. History, Science.....Typing instruction. Visits to national geographic websites....Fox News, CNN, Washington Post for current events. Some days we work on 4-H projects, usually at least 3 days out of the week we do an outside activity, Red Cross, 4-H, Community Service, Library activities...Alex is on the WKU Forensics (speech/debate) Team, and we also try to see our family.
Other than that, we learn as much as we can about life. I make sure both of my kids know how to shop, pay for their items, what to do in an emergency if we are out, how to use the Library system for anything w/out having to ask for help, How much electric costs, where to pay for it, how to fill up the car with gas and pay, checking oil, being kind, doing laundry, where our trash goes, what accrued interest is, how we borrow money...yada, get the picture.....
Well, that's about it....
oh and we show our children LOVE.....between Handsome hubby and myself....from us to them....and depend on our Heavenly Father.....Beth

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family Life....

I'm gonna get on my soap box here......if you're not conservative or family oriented now's the time to click the little red X on the top right of your screen. :-)

The lack of accountability is destroying the family makes me so sad. It's slowing deteriorating the stability our children are due. It's undermining the husband/wife relationship, and totally blasting away at our relationships with God. It seems our society is always looking for someone to lay the blame on. From Washington right down to our living rooms, it's a daily occurrence.
Divorce seems to be the "in" right now. It has effected many of my family and friends, but thank God not my home. I am not above any of these people, nor is my husband. It's a daily prayer for me and Handsome Hubby, to keep us together. I'm not at all certain of all the going ons in a failing marriage, but lack of accountability kinda jumps out. I am in the opinion of men having the head of the household status. It's manly, nice for the wife, comforting to the children, AND it's biblical. There is very little that Handsome Hubby and myself disagree on, but, he has the final say in the event that we can't get it together. Marriage is strengthening, it's God's plan for man and woman (don't even get me started on Homosexuality). I firmly believe the lack of accountability that leads to many destroyed families, thus the infidelity, arguments, power battles, etc. It's so sad, it makes me want to stand up and fight for the family unit, for our children. For them not to make Divorce the norm in their lives.

Handsome Hubby and myself have been married for almost fifteen years. A far cry from my parents 37 and my granparent's 57. But I love married life, I enjoy married life and make an effort to make Handsome Hubby happy and content, I don't down him, say he gets on my nerves, ask him to get out of the house, etc. Why? Because I love him, and I wouldn't want him to say those things to me (which he doesn't). I once read a book that suggested, no matter how miserable you are, spend a few days doing all you can to make your spouse happy. I like that suggestion.
Handsome Hubby and myself to little things for each when I'm in town, I might drop by and bring Jarrod ice cream and a kiss. I might surprise him and meet him at the office for lunch, leave him love notes, make his favorite dinner, give spontaneous hugs, etc. It makes him smile and feel loved.
Handsome Hubby brings me flowers, rubs my feet, treats me to lotions, grills me yummy chicken, fixes broken things in the house, calls to see how I am, gives me hugs and kisses, etc. It makes me smile and feel loved.
Ultimately, we are responsible for our own actions, good, bad, or somewhere in's our choice and we make it.
Children are the ultimate benefactors of accountable parents who make an effort in their marriage. They feel comfortable in it, there's balance in a home that has Mother and Father under one roof, loving each other.
We had our nephew with us today in the car after church, when we pulled in our carport, Handsome Hubby and myself shared a long kiss. Nephew says, YUCK! GROSS!
Sweet Son says, "aw, they do that all the time, they just smooch and smooch"
Let your children know how much you love each other and how much you love's valuable!

Responsibility and Accountability go hand in hand and strengthens the family. Love your spouse, love your children, and above all Love and Serve God....


Friday, September 11, 2009


If you homeschool or are a stay at home mom, you know the stress that can encompass one's body from every imaginable angle concerning your kiddos all day long. Everyone needs a break sometime. It's nice to have just 15 minutes to relax. I'm not kicking that at all. But below is a tale from one of my *stressed* days. I look back at this day often and laugh. This is a reminder that, at this point, my life is not about me, what I want, think I need, or want to do. God has loaned me a couple of pretty neat kiddos for a time.

....It had been *one of those days* and I had errands to run, my sweet mother took pity on me and told me to bring the kiddos to her after our school day and run my errands alone, get some down time. I readily agreed, dropped my kiddos off, telling myself this was *just what I needed* (snort). My body, so it seems, is just not accustomed to being alone in town, it does not adjust well, and functions as though my Sweet son and Dear Daughter are with me
. First, I spilled my purse in the mall...*everything* in my purse went flying. I usually have the kids to laugh with me, no kids this time, but of course the laughing came anyway....I laughed and giggled and even snorted when I tried to hold it in as I stumbled around, mumbling,
" excuse me", as I picked up my belongings (some of which I almost ignored out of embarrassment.)
Next stop, something to eat, at which point, (since I had no kids to clean up after, I just *had* to make a mess, you know, it wouldn't be the same), I squirted taco sauce all down the front of my sweater. Nice, big, orangish - brown spot running right down the middle. Most people give a smile of pity at a mother with stained clothes when she is toting her children, not so without.

My dash into the library ended with a bag ripping in the parking lot and the library books scattering. Some went under the car, so I had to get down on my knees and fish books out from under it. Real lady like in my skirt and stained top.

Last stop of the day was Walmart (I shouldn't have even tried going at this point). I done mega grocery shopping and had two loaded down carts to haul to my car, on a Friday evening at about 8:30. It was crowded. of course. I get out the front doors to the cross walk and the bag of potatoes on the bottom decides to get stuck on a wheel. I hold up traffic as I try to get the potatoes unstuck with my foot while holding the other cart. Oh, it comes unstuck, it busts and potatoes roll everywhere (what can I say, I have a knack for spilled items). I'm grinning a mile wide by now, because it's just so funny (laughter is my stress relief, obviously), I momentarily lose my train of thought and let go of cart 2 while I try to pick up, it rolls away, at which time an elderly man catches it for me, I thank him with potatoes in my arms, between my laughter and honking horns. He kinda nods and edges away from me. I feel home free now as I finally get to my car. I have the trunk up and the doors open as I toss in. Cart again rolls away, this time a young man yells at his window for me to catch the cart. I catch it, pull it back, go to toss in the toilet paper at which time my finger nail punctures the cellophane. Out comes a roll of Scott Tissue onto the ground, off it rolls, and off I go chasing the toilet paper down the isle. I grab it and it comes undone, the harder I pull, the more I laugh, the more paper that comes off. I finally capture it, ignore the stares, jump in my car with tears rolling down my face from the laughter fit I'm having. I call Handsome Hubby and try to explain what happened, he's very confused why I am laughing, as he would have been MAD. (guys are just different that way, apparently). What a hoot.
As I drove to Mom's I decided that I kinda liked having my kids there with me to laugh, giggle, and share with....that they are a big help when they carry my books, help me shop and push the cart for me. My children are a pleasure. I look back on this day and reflect when I feel like I need a "break". While a breather is good now and then, I realize these days will pass all too quickly and I'll wish for the times that there is no break in conversation during drives, long for interrupted phone calls, wish for math and algebra issues. I'll want to lay on the trampoline seeing shapes in the clouds, yearn for the click, click, click as my vacuum picks up legos hidden just under the edge of the couch. I'll want the front glass door to be full of smudges, the bath tub to have grime left in the bottom, the kitchen cd player to be blaring Hank the Cow Dog.
So, for now, even when I'm stressed, feel the lack of adult conversation....when I'm sure that I'll never have a moment's peace.....I'll consider it good, wonderful, blessed, and an awesome opportunity to have my children living, learning, and loving at home, with me.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Growing Kids........

Growing kids.....hmmm. Of course what I mean is raising children. Something I'm certainly not finished doing, but am somewhat passed "just started". I'm going to take this from a homeschool view, but this topic applies to so many others.....
When we first started to homeschool, we got *all sorts* of comments. One of the most interesting, frustrating, and at the time discouraging comments ever made to me was when Sweet Son was 4. We had just "announced" (to the utter shock and horror of many) our decision to homeschool. We were at a get- together, where some kid was being mean to Sweet Son (granted it wasn't unusual for this kid to be mean, to Sweet Son, or any other child). Sweet Son came to sit beside me and said, "I'm not going back upstairs, they are being really mean." At which time he picked up a book and started looking at it. Overhearing this, Well-meaning woman replied with a roll of her eyes, that the Sweet Son "didn't get out much, was homeschooled and not used to being around other children and just didn't know how to act." ARGH! He was 4! Not even the age to be "in school" and already those around us were passing judgement. I went home **fuming**. This person was *assuming* she knew our day to day outings.....the little culprit in this scenario wasn't "in school" yet either, and certainly didn't "get out" as much as Sweet Son, who at 4, went to play groups, story time, and other group activities. Thus began the long road of hearing how our children: weren't going to be civilized or socialized, would turn out "backward", wouldn't get a good education, wouldn't be as "well-rounded", would miss out on so many things, and was simply doomed. And who were we to "shelter" our children from the "truth" and the "real world". They would have to face it someday, at which point they would "go wild and rebel". and on and on. I would get the "just wait until he/ she is 5, 6, 7, 8, etc. Where ever we were, it wasn't as bad as the next year was going to be when my homeschooled children would morph into some horrible monster. LOL

I stayed a bundle of nerves the first two years, fully expecting some piano to drop on my head (thus began(my still yearly) regular trips to have both my children tested. This assuaged my fears of them lagging educationally and I had a paper, drat it all, to show they were up to par!).
After that couple of years (and many, many hours on my knees) my anxiety about certain aspects of homeschooling began to dissipate. I still felt, I wasn't out to "get" the public school system, didn't think my children would grow up trouble free and perfect, etc. etc. But I did begin to feel a little more confident when Sweet Son well exceeded my expect taions academically and as a person. Following along after him was Dear Daughter. We had challenges (and still do daily)....but I was beginning to find my feet and have more faith in my prayers.
I came to the conclusion that the general population had more common sense raising GARDENS than they did raising CHILDREN.

When we go to the green house in the spring a pick a tender plant, we cultivate it, shelter it, train it and pamper it. We don't wait until some scorching day and take the tender plant and thrust it into the burning sun and say, "well, you'll have to face it someday, get used to it!" We gradually acclimate the plant to the new environment. Of course, you might try thrusting your new plant out at first, but I guarantee you won't go back and do it again the next year....
Plants that are sheltered, tended, giving the best of living conditions as can be provided, nurtured and cultivated usually thrive better than those who haven't had that kind of care.
Not saying it don't EVER happen the opposite way, but just as a rule.
Children also thrive under such care.

I've pretty much got over my need to justify our decision to homeschool our kiddos. I have no idea how they will "turn out" in the long run. I don't have a 20 year old yet. But I do know, that up until this point the demons I had been warned of haven't been as scary.
There's still some of our family that strongly disagrees with us, and would rather swallow their tongue than give a compliment to our homeschooled children, but that's OK.
I'm proud of how they've developed and progressed.
Sweet son is just now 12, and I am beginning to see a peek of his "person". No, he's not perfect (but neither are his parents LOL) but I like the well rounded young man he is becoming. I'm proud of him. Ditto from Dear Daughter.

So, at this point, Handsome Hubby and I will continue to educate our kids at home, ask for guidance from above, stay humble, walk off of the beaten path, and grow our kids with love, patience, prayer, worship, laughter, and respect .

Friday, September 4, 2009

Everyday Angels

I love my family, I mean, really, I do. They are *great*! You know that old saying, "If you can't say anything nice about someone, don't say anything at all?" Well, I can say so many good things about the wonderful people below there isn't enough room to write it all! Of course, this isn't *all* of the people in my family. But this is my immediate family and those I am closest here goes.....the truth, like it is, and some praise for my every-day angels.....

Ok, I know that, by now, most of you get the picture that I am hopelessly in love with Handsome Hubby....but it doesn't matter to me how many times I say it, it's new every time the words cross my lips.....He's wonderful. Hardworking. Honest. Has Integrity. He kills spiders for me. He gives me foot massages (remember previous post?). He buys me Lemonade at Chic Fila. He fixes things I break (that's his other full time job). He puts up with my cats. He loves my parents and are good to them. He's the father of my children, a soul mate, my better half. He's a praying man and takes his family seriously...I LOVE him!

My first, (born living) of the most kind hearted, souls I know. Sweet Son takes to the cake.....figuratively speaking. (and sometimes literally, he shares my love of sweets). Homeschooled for over 8 years, Saved by HIS Grace for 2 years, and tramping on my heart for a little over 12 years. Kind, an advocate for the underdog, the injured, the overlooked. Strong in his beliefs...unbelievably MALE, and sometimes completely baffling! Love him, and he loves me, granted a lot of the times he tells me how great I am when I am cooking (LOL).

Dear Daughter, cute as a button, girly-girl, animal loving, strong willed, independent, determined she-warrior. Loves to organized, straighten and clean. Finds lost items often (hired her last week to "find" my engagement ring that I flung across the bathroom, she found it embedded in a towel in the back of the closet, took her all of 15 minutes, after which, she accepts her reward of $5)
Tenderhearted, self concious, little lady, daddy's girl, (I'm seeing a repeat of my young self), loves to cook, care for our neighbors, adores babies, Loves her Granny and Pappaw (see pics of G and P below). Thinks her Aunt Char. is Great (how right she is), loves her uncle Ch., and likes to spend time with her cousins. I love Dear Daughter, she's fun to be with and I'm so glad she's my girl!
Here's a pic of Handsome Hubby with my Mother. My Mom is super. She's a people person who most love. (I am in the opinion if you don't love her, it's because of jealousy, LOL) She and my Dad are high school sweet hearts. They are parents at the premium. Mom was great when I was young, and has become a close friend in the present years. I call her often asking for advice, to chit chat, to complain, to whine, and to get encouragement. I was one of those kids who was never ashamed of my parents...I loved Mom to be with me, I still like it. Mom is full of smiles, and never asks personal questions, neither does she try to "get into our business". She's a grand-kid loving, cookie baking, hard praying, husband loving kind of mom. She loves me and my brother unconditionally. (even when both of us has done things she didn't like/didn't agree with...she never *shunned* us) What a MOM! BTW, my mom loves Handsome Hubby dearly (who wouldn't) well as Super Sister in Law. Handsome Hubby loves and cares for my parents which makes me love him more.

ah...My Daddy....a quite spirited man (just don't get him angry), a super conservative, peanut butter loving guy whom I love immensely! Loves his grandkids, calls and checks on us all most days. This is the guy who bought me candy at the country store, sliced my apples when I lost my front teeth, made me try for my driver's license, took on the Board of Education when I was harassed for wearing dresses, laughed when I wanted Jarrod to come to our house the first time, toted my kids on his shoulders and takes them to the feed mill, Dairy Queen, and anywhere else he might be going. He's the man that comes by on Sunday morning to have the kids ride to church with him, has supported our decision to homeschool, and most importantly prays for my family. Here's a pic of him holding my angelic nephew....(angelic nephew now says Pappaw, but not "aunt Beth" bah. I gotta fix that.) I love my Dad!!

Pics below are of my Big Brother and Sweet Sis in law....both who work very hard in the medical field. I have nice things to say about Big Brother now, like how hard he works, how he cares for the sick, and loves his family. I *wouldn't* have had nice things to say when we were teenagers...who loves the brother who pours dill pickle juice in your lemonade, hides under your bed at night and grabs your ankles, baptizes you in the creek, and does many more annoying (borderline evil) things to you???LOL Time has mellowed us both. His wife, my Sweet Sis in Law, is *wonderful* ...caring for all of my nieces and other nephew as they were her own....and giving us Angelic Nephew...sigh. Sweet sis in law also is good to my parents (gotta love her for that). She's beautiful inside and out.

These are my everyday angels, those I love, care about and hold dear, who make my life brighter....My Family.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


After my "gentleman" post about handsome hubby, I just had to add a lady's post. In my opinion, ladies have just as big of responsibility concerning their behavior as the men here's my Lady's List....not meant to offend anyone......but my view(no matter how outdated) of a Lady.
Had to add this pic of a Victorian Lady....simply outdated, lacking the low slung jeans, body hugging shirt that doesn't meet the jeans, missing the lower back tattoo and body piercings, but looking beautiful...

A True Lady : (as taught to me by my mother)

Tries to Be the best wife and mother she can be

Doesn't leave the raising of her children to other people

Doesn't intentionally show cleavage, and other inappropriate parts of her body (something is wrong if you feel you must "showcase" your body to anyone other than your Hubby)

Loves, pampers, and dotes on her husband

Doesn't Lie

Makes it a point to compliment other Ladies and/or their children

Doesn't dominate a conversation with herself

Doesn't ogle men other than her handsome hubby :-)

Doesn't Cuss

Doesn't Smoke

Dresses like a female/has a feminine air to her

Cares and has a tender heart

(as with the gentleman list, it's a partial....)

I know, I know, this is so last century, but I just *love* it! Society has de-feminized our generation of girls...but I think being a lady is superfantastic.....and BTW, my hubby loves it, too.


Thursday, August 27, 2009


Does this little guy look familiar to you? Probably so, everyone I know has someone (or several people) in their lives who is a porcupine. Incredibly hard to get close to, and when you try, you're in for a hurt.......

Could be the boss who never has anything kind to say about your work, the acquaintance who never calls unless they need something, the in-law or parent who drives you to your wit's end...whatever, you get the picture.
I am no different than anyone else, there are some people in my life who are bigger porcupines than others. :-) But, being the kind of person I am, once I get hurt badly, I don't want to get close *ever* again. That has probably worked to my disadvantage a lot.
But I have found a porcupine repellent (or at least something that softens the quills)....DIGGING DEEP....that means reaching *way* down inside and coming up with some * GRACE*. My reaction to hurt is to be defensive (as most of us do), but if I work really hard, when someone says something to hurt me on purpose, I can dig way down in the deep part of me and find something positive (without any sarcasm) to say in return, or better yet give a hug.....
Whew...sometimes that's hard when what I *really* want to do is say what's on my mind. BUT, that usually doesn't work, because acting like a porcupine doesn't solve any problems either (besides the fact that I have to go apologize).
So when some one provokes you with unkind words, doubts your actions, criticizes you, tests your faith, questions your beliefs, seems unable to give love, or is just down right mean....
DIG DEEP.....there's satisfaction in mining some *Grace*.

Oh, yes, BTW, this guy probably looks familiar too. The *TEDDY BEARS*.....soft, cuddly, comforting, always there,fun to snuggle, dependable, easy to love, and has a great listening ear...Handsome Hubby is my Teddy Bear....he's a lot cuter than this one, though....:-)


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Ohhh....I just *Love* fall....I know it isn't technically here yet, but the crisp breeze let's me know fall is on the way.
I get the nesting syndrome with fall, I have noticed other ladies suffer from this, as well. It's a female phenomenon. I get the urge to bake, preserve, sew, tidy up, sweep the porch, clean the windows, make soup, paint something, and on and on....
Fall reminds me of .....

pumpkin carving with Handsome Hubby and the kids, I roast the pumpkin seeds while they decide on designs and our master artist (Handsome Hubby) makes a fantastic pumpkin creation.

Halloween (no we aren't pagan) .... I enjoy making creative cupcakes, ghost cakes, pumpkin cookies, costumes and celebrating my Dad's birthday. Fun, fun, fun I especially love trick or treat.

Carmel Apples....yum! slurp! I love to homemake them and then lick the caramel bowl. ( I don't hide the caramel bowl for myself, nope, I wouldn't do that...good mothers *share* with their kids)

Purring cats are indoor/outdoor, but the prefer the cozy inside once the weather becomes cool. When I sit down, there's usually a cat on my lap or near by.

Walks...I love to hear the crunch that leaves make when we go walking, I like the swirl and swish as my family and I walk together.

Wild 'em better than any rose.

Hotdog and Marshmallow roasts....always this time of year we have at least a couple. Handsome Hubby and I love to lay on our backs on a blanket and look up at the stars. I like to roast my marshmallows until they are burnt, eat the outside and then put them back on to roast again.

Fall the games, laughter, pumpkins and exhausted kids.

oh, and *hot chocolate*....this is my with with a hint of cinnamon and whipped cream.

Here's to the fall days ahead of us..........

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Moments Like These.....


Dear Daughter will turn 10 on August 31....we had a "photo shoot" at Fountain Square....when I picked up the prints and started really looking at them, I was saddened (my baby is growing up), awed (and she's beautiful), and inspired (she's one of the sweetest, most sincere people I've ever known) was one of *those* moments.

Earlier in the week, on a particularly frustrating day, Dear Daughter sent me a letter, proclaiming her love for me and that she thought that I was the "best Mom ever"..... I have no doubt of her love and devotion, she shows it to me and her Dad daily, but it humbled me, because I in no way feel like the "best Mom ever" ( that would have to be *my* mother :-)

Sweet Son, also tugged at the strings of my heart when he stood up in church Saturday night and proclaimed, with tears coursing down his cheeks, there was no other place he would rather be and that he was thankful for God saving his soul. My heart was warmed again as he dismissed one service last week and said grace at a family meal at my parent's house. The little things I noticed this week like holding his younger guy cousin back from the dinner line, explaining that ladies go first, putting his arm around me to hug me and thanking me for homeschooling him.
*These* moments make life warm.

Handsome Hubby, whom pulls at my heartstrings nearly every hour of every day, pulled over on the road a few weeks ago to pick me some wildflowers (one of my passions). Picking and choosing (and waving a few cars on after assuring them he didn't have car trouble) He delivered them with a kiss and a squeeze of my shoulders....
His encouragement through some very tough days has given me strength and deepened my love for him.
This afternoon, while visiting with my parents, I looked up to see Handsome Hubby coming down the gravel road holding Dear Daughter's hand, again, carrying a big bouquet. They sweet pair had picked for me again, some lovely flowers. Dear Daughter lovingly showed me each flower. Handsome Hubby sneezed and wheezed on the way home (poor guy).

My sweet mother made a wonderful meal, and my Daddy made a campfire for the kids and took them up to the woods, letting the older ones take a turn driving the truck. The kids had a wonderful time with their cousins and I got my "baby fix" with my *adorable* nephew Wyatt.

I love my husband, we are coming up on our 15th anniversary, and my heart still picks up speed when he's coming home, it warms at the thought and touch of him, and I'm always anxious to have time with him and him me. He works hard for us, without complaining, and is always willing to go the extra mile, putting us before himself. He's a winner, through and through.
I treasure his thoughtfulness, I am humbled when I see him go to his building to pray, I am thankful and full of gratitude for the blessings I have.

No, life isn't perfect, there's tough times and rough times.....but it's MOMENTS LIKE THESE that makes the hard times fade, the hurts of life lessen, makes me see the beauty in the rain, feel the calm in the storm, and bask in the beauty of the moment.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An OBTUSE Cat and things like that....

I'm aware of just how crazy the title of this entry is.....Just as CRAZY as our day has been..
Anyone out there who homeschools knows of the chaos that drives the point of school straight home...LOL..
Today Sweet Son started his online classes....what a headache, so many pc updates, downloads, forum checks, etc. It was one thing after another, while still trying to teach Dear Daughter.
After asking Sweet Son if he knew how to attach a document to his email, he raised one eye brow and responded, "I'm not that far gone." Poor guy, I (who needs help nearly everytime I do anything on a pc) Just asked Mr. Tech if he knew how to attach a file. One strike for Mom.
There were plenty of heated discussions as we signed up, downloaded, responded, etc. to all of the prelims. In the midst of a crucial moment, while Sweet Son and myself were huddled at the kitchen table, both on our knees with elbows on the table top, hovering over the laptop, Dear Daughter came in and breathlessly said, "MOM, I think Kerstin (her cat) is OBTUSE!!! We need to put her on a DIET! LOL!!!!

So, as I wait for yet another download, I type this entry.....I have 4 loads of clothes on the kitchen floor, books all over the livingroom, breakfast and lunch dishes scattered across the counters, pencils, pens, notebooks, paperclips, staplers, pc disks, and stick it notes cover virtually every square inch of our livingroom and kitchen.
Order will prevail,however, as soon as the downloads are finished, I take a couple of tylenol, grab a cup of cinnamon tea and work like the dickens (can you say Tasmanian Devil??) to get things picked back up so we can start again tomorrow.
Handsome Hubby works late again tonight....:-(
But when he comes home, I hope to have this place in order, candles lit, sweet tea and dumplings ready.
Here's to a more productive day tomorrow.....

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Ah, yes, by Friday we were more than ready for a field trip. Since our homeschool budget didn't allow a trip to Wiltshire county, England, we visited KENTUCKY STONEHENGE:

But before we got there we crossed the ferry at Mammoth Cave, where we seen preparations for the mussel study. We also stopped for about 6 deer to look at our car....

The kids enjoyed KY Stonehenge, they thought this stone was straight out of Narnia....

As you can see the stones weren't an EXACT replica, either that, or I've grown VERY tall...

Sweet Son really enjoyed himself...

Dear Daughter and her fave rock....

Oh, and this weekend was my sweet nephew's first birthday, which had a zoo theme...I made these Lion cookies for him.

Both of my grandfathers had bdays, too. The one below is 81! The other turned 80. Pa is a character, he was more than willing to pose for this pic...

The weekend was full of parties, fireworks, cake, ice cream, play, sweat, fried chicken, and the best thing....cousins!!!

Sweet Son couldn't resist this pose at the firehouse for one of the birthday parties


Me and the kids also took a walking tour of downtown Munfordville, where we visited Civil War historical sites, ate lunch at the town square, and enjoyed playing at a fountain.
What a weekend! (and it's not over yet!)

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