Weathering our Storms Together

Weathering our Storms Together

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Fight For Family Life

Above is My Grandaddy and Nanny Bledsoe. Their wedding just before Grandaddy went off to War. Nanny stayed with her folks and read Grandaddy's letters (sitting on a milk can near the mailbox). She saved his War money to buy a bedroom suite for when he got home. It's in my room, what Handsome Hubby and I sleep on today. Grandaddy and Nanny are still happily married, living about five minutes from me. Lord willing, my family will again, as every year, eat Thanksgiving dinner with them.
Picture above is of my Pa and Nanny Houchin. Sweet as can be....I was raised a field over from them and spent many days and nights at their place. Pa raised produce for many grocery stores in Bowling Green. I would help polish peppers and grade them. On some special days I would go deliver with him..Where I would sit side by side with Pa during the ride while he told me stories. I loved to show up just before lunch time to find Nanny in the kitchen making lunch for the farm hands. She always let me lick the frosting bowl. When I stayed over night, Nanny would snuggle up with me and do word find puzzles. Pa and Nanny are still happily married and ate lunch at our house last Sunday.
Above is my parents....married on a October weekend so they would have a couple of days honey moon before mom went back to finish her Senior year in high school. I can't say enough about how thankful I am for my parents and how they raised me. My stay-at-home Mama was always there for me and my brother (and still is!). My hard working Daddy, factory by day, farming by evening, made sure we were taken care of and made time to give extra love and encouragement for us. Daddy and Mama had the "you can do it" attitude. They have been our biggest fans in homeschooling. I love them so much!


Increasingly it's becoming "hip" in our society to be non-traditional. There are some ideas in which I can really appreciate this (homeschooling???!!!). But it just about drives me up a tree to hear and see the family unit being put down. I *love* the traditional family ...Dad, Mom, and kids. It's completely how things are *supposed* to be. Kids shouldn't have to deal with Mom or Dad's new boy/girl friend, being shuffled to this house or that while their parents play the dating scene.
It's sad. The situations reek of irresponsibility and the "me" syndrome.
There are many, many people I love who are in broken and mixed homes...this is in no way a slam against any of them. It's just facts. Look what are children have become in a society whose family values have plummeted. There is no longer shame in infidelity, premarital sex, etc. It's *cool*. From the way we are dressing our little girls to the examples we are setting in front of our little boys....we are giving them the *wrong* message. The do as I say, not as I do notion is obviously not working.....
In the very best of situations, our children have a lot to face and overcome. The pressures to *fit in* are great. Authority figures are many times giving their "ok" on precarious, dangerous lifestyles and ideas. When the situation a child is in goes from *ideal* to *less than ideal* that child is more at risk.
Think of our children! What are we telling them? Be it in words or actions....we are sending a message. Make yours a positive one!
I thought I might post a few pictures of some folks who kept family values in the midst of some hard times.....(pictures above).

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