Weathering our Storms Together

Weathering our Storms Together

Monday, June 7, 2010

When Something EVERYTHING Goes Wrong…….
Have you ever had one of those days (weeks, months?) when it seems like it’s one blooper after another. The kind of day for which the word BUMMER was invented? Oh yes, I’m sure you are familiar. Nearly for sure if you are a parent and down right CERTAIN if you homeschool.
If you are going to succeed (ahem…not go crazy) there’s only one thing to do:
I readily agree that the first way up is down on your knees, but there is still a responsibility on our shoulders. I have learned that the pleasantness of our day sometimes (not always!) depends upon how I react to certain situations. I have long since given up on getting bent out of sorts over spilled drinks, broken dishes, flooded toilets, ripped jeans, etc. (although I haven’t quite mastered this skill with perpetually messy rooms), because it has no positive effect. I have a long way to go, but I’ve come a very LONG way from my former (pre homeschooling days) self. If I join the drama circus things go down hill at a dizzying speed. If I react calmly, it’s usually contagious. Things calm down. If I give in to tears, anger, frustration, that’s definitely contagious. And there has been ( and will be) the times when “stuff” just gets the best of me , but RISING ABOVE definitely works. I make my self “rate” a problem ….how bad “really” is it? 0 being a nothing,nada, zilch (like a spilled drink, having to reschedule an appt. ) 10 being horrid (life threatening or sure death). MANY times I’m pulling a negative number out of the hat. Some things just don’t matter, conserve your energy for things that do.
My kids aren’t little anymore and we are well over our half way journey of homeschooling, with Sweet Son we’re hitting the home stretch. I have learned more from my kiddos than I think they have ever learned from me in those years. Recently I find myself overwhelmed with all that I have to do, places I have to go, papers to fill out, classes to teach and trying to get two very different children to their very different activities on top of teaching, cleaning, cooking, planning, shopping, volunteering, coaching, cajoling, encouraging, soothing, mustering, catering, calming, doctoring, mentoring, juggling, …well you get the point. BUT…it’s nothing that other people don’t do (and often times LESS) every day. I’ve always been a doer, and very stubborn….my mom politely calls it determined and persistent. I’ve never been one to turn away from the truth, but to hit it head on and do what I can to solve problems….I’m a bit nervous about facing these new (scary, emotional, hectic, frustrating, hair raising, teeth gritting, door slamming, foot stomping, eye rolling) teen and tween years. I tell my kiddos that just as they’ve never been this age before I’ve never parented this age before…..I’m not READY for it! But, I think I can RISE ABOVE any given situation at hand (please understand I mean every day normal situation and not situations that rank in the 8-10 area) to give my home a bit of peace. I’ll be ready to rise above by falling down on my knees for guidance……

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