Weathering our Storms Together

Weathering our Storms Together

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Talking Trash....

It's been a while since I have posted, it seems like my life has gotten crazy busy...and I don't know if I would have posted now except for my need to soap box a bit about something that I am noticing INCREASINGLY!!! I am horrified, mortified, chagrined and down right disgusted.

TALKING TRASH!!! I'm tellin' ya! It's everywhere, but it is most disturbing when it's children. We have such an awesome (rolls eyes) generation of parents who can't keep their language to a decent level, that our little ones (and I do mean little, many times by the age of 4) have a colorful, extensive vocabulary of offensive words. AND they use them... a lot.

Let me get one thing straight, I am not talking about **educating** your children, both of my kiddos had the basic anatomical parts down by first or second grade, with the **correct** term for each part. They were also accustomed to Bible readings with words that we deemed unfit for average conversation. I also didn't ban certain literature because of a "bad words". But I would toss a book (movie, poem, etc) in a second because of the craziness being labeled as "cool".

I am talking about TRASH, that's right folks, garbage, refuse, filth...all from the mouths of babes, tweens, and teens....all learned from (you guessed it) ....PARENTS and the filth they are allowed to view and hear.

Why, Why, Why?? are we doing this to our young people. I don't mean to be grouping them all, there are the exceptions, but I am getting overwhelmed at the number of plugged in, belly button showing, hip slung, cartilage pierced, tattooed, bust baring young mothers (and Dads) who are dragging around children who slowly morph into them. Dumping their kids at every turn to be with the new "flame"....all the while, a steady flow of "trash" streaming from their lips. And when their kids pick this's "cute". :-( ARGH!!!

I begin to feel like I'm weird, am I the only one who feels like this is craziness??? I know I'm not, but it's becoming such a trend that I'm very concerned.
My heart warms when I see parents who are taking their children to heart, trying to guide them decently in a world full of weird ideas. My heart warms even more when I see a young person choosing to take the high road where this filth is concerned. It IS NOT goody two shoes, holier than thou, or snooty...It's decency, which will take you farther than talking trash.

KUDOS to families who are making an effort to censor their viewing and listening material and their own language and actions. Decency grows STRONG KIDS!!!

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