Weathering our Storms Together

Weathering our Storms Together

Saturday, August 29, 2009


After my "gentleman" post about handsome hubby, I just had to add a lady's post. In my opinion, ladies have just as big of responsibility concerning their behavior as the men here's my Lady's List....not meant to offend anyone......but my view(no matter how outdated) of a Lady.
Had to add this pic of a Victorian Lady....simply outdated, lacking the low slung jeans, body hugging shirt that doesn't meet the jeans, missing the lower back tattoo and body piercings, but looking beautiful...

A True Lady : (as taught to me by my mother)

Tries to Be the best wife and mother she can be

Doesn't leave the raising of her children to other people

Doesn't intentionally show cleavage, and other inappropriate parts of her body (something is wrong if you feel you must "showcase" your body to anyone other than your Hubby)

Loves, pampers, and dotes on her husband

Doesn't Lie

Makes it a point to compliment other Ladies and/or their children

Doesn't dominate a conversation with herself

Doesn't ogle men other than her handsome hubby :-)

Doesn't Cuss

Doesn't Smoke

Dresses like a female/has a feminine air to her

Cares and has a tender heart

(as with the gentleman list, it's a partial....)

I know, I know, this is so last century, but I just *love* it! Society has de-feminized our generation of girls...but I think being a lady is superfantastic.....and BTW, my hubby loves it, too.


Thursday, August 27, 2009


Does this little guy look familiar to you? Probably so, everyone I know has someone (or several people) in their lives who is a porcupine. Incredibly hard to get close to, and when you try, you're in for a hurt.......

Could be the boss who never has anything kind to say about your work, the acquaintance who never calls unless they need something, the in-law or parent who drives you to your wit's end...whatever, you get the picture.
I am no different than anyone else, there are some people in my life who are bigger porcupines than others. :-) But, being the kind of person I am, once I get hurt badly, I don't want to get close *ever* again. That has probably worked to my disadvantage a lot.
But I have found a porcupine repellent (or at least something that softens the quills)....DIGGING DEEP....that means reaching *way* down inside and coming up with some * GRACE*. My reaction to hurt is to be defensive (as most of us do), but if I work really hard, when someone says something to hurt me on purpose, I can dig way down in the deep part of me and find something positive (without any sarcasm) to say in return, or better yet give a hug.....
Whew...sometimes that's hard when what I *really* want to do is say what's on my mind. BUT, that usually doesn't work, because acting like a porcupine doesn't solve any problems either (besides the fact that I have to go apologize).
So when some one provokes you with unkind words, doubts your actions, criticizes you, tests your faith, questions your beliefs, seems unable to give love, or is just down right mean....
DIG DEEP.....there's satisfaction in mining some *Grace*.

Oh, yes, BTW, this guy probably looks familiar too. The *TEDDY BEARS*.....soft, cuddly, comforting, always there,fun to snuggle, dependable, easy to love, and has a great listening ear...Handsome Hubby is my Teddy Bear....he's a lot cuter than this one, though....:-)


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Ohhh....I just *Love* fall....I know it isn't technically here yet, but the crisp breeze let's me know fall is on the way.
I get the nesting syndrome with fall, I have noticed other ladies suffer from this, as well. It's a female phenomenon. I get the urge to bake, preserve, sew, tidy up, sweep the porch, clean the windows, make soup, paint something, and on and on....
Fall reminds me of .....

pumpkin carving with Handsome Hubby and the kids, I roast the pumpkin seeds while they decide on designs and our master artist (Handsome Hubby) makes a fantastic pumpkin creation.

Halloween (no we aren't pagan) .... I enjoy making creative cupcakes, ghost cakes, pumpkin cookies, costumes and celebrating my Dad's birthday. Fun, fun, fun I especially love trick or treat.

Carmel Apples....yum! slurp! I love to homemake them and then lick the caramel bowl. ( I don't hide the caramel bowl for myself, nope, I wouldn't do that...good mothers *share* with their kids)

Purring cats are indoor/outdoor, but the prefer the cozy inside once the weather becomes cool. When I sit down, there's usually a cat on my lap or near by.

Walks...I love to hear the crunch that leaves make when we go walking, I like the swirl and swish as my family and I walk together.

Wild 'em better than any rose.

Hotdog and Marshmallow roasts....always this time of year we have at least a couple. Handsome Hubby and I love to lay on our backs on a blanket and look up at the stars. I like to roast my marshmallows until they are burnt, eat the outside and then put them back on to roast again.

Fall the games, laughter, pumpkins and exhausted kids.

oh, and *hot chocolate*....this is my with with a hint of cinnamon and whipped cream.

Here's to the fall days ahead of us..........

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Moments Like These.....


Dear Daughter will turn 10 on August 31....we had a "photo shoot" at Fountain Square....when I picked up the prints and started really looking at them, I was saddened (my baby is growing up), awed (and she's beautiful), and inspired (she's one of the sweetest, most sincere people I've ever known) was one of *those* moments.

Earlier in the week, on a particularly frustrating day, Dear Daughter sent me a letter, proclaiming her love for me and that she thought that I was the "best Mom ever"..... I have no doubt of her love and devotion, she shows it to me and her Dad daily, but it humbled me, because I in no way feel like the "best Mom ever" ( that would have to be *my* mother :-)

Sweet Son, also tugged at the strings of my heart when he stood up in church Saturday night and proclaimed, with tears coursing down his cheeks, there was no other place he would rather be and that he was thankful for God saving his soul. My heart was warmed again as he dismissed one service last week and said grace at a family meal at my parent's house. The little things I noticed this week like holding his younger guy cousin back from the dinner line, explaining that ladies go first, putting his arm around me to hug me and thanking me for homeschooling him.
*These* moments make life warm.

Handsome Hubby, whom pulls at my heartstrings nearly every hour of every day, pulled over on the road a few weeks ago to pick me some wildflowers (one of my passions). Picking and choosing (and waving a few cars on after assuring them he didn't have car trouble) He delivered them with a kiss and a squeeze of my shoulders....
His encouragement through some very tough days has given me strength and deepened my love for him.
This afternoon, while visiting with my parents, I looked up to see Handsome Hubby coming down the gravel road holding Dear Daughter's hand, again, carrying a big bouquet. They sweet pair had picked for me again, some lovely flowers. Dear Daughter lovingly showed me each flower. Handsome Hubby sneezed and wheezed on the way home (poor guy).

My sweet mother made a wonderful meal, and my Daddy made a campfire for the kids and took them up to the woods, letting the older ones take a turn driving the truck. The kids had a wonderful time with their cousins and I got my "baby fix" with my *adorable* nephew Wyatt.

I love my husband, we are coming up on our 15th anniversary, and my heart still picks up speed when he's coming home, it warms at the thought and touch of him, and I'm always anxious to have time with him and him me. He works hard for us, without complaining, and is always willing to go the extra mile, putting us before himself. He's a winner, through and through.
I treasure his thoughtfulness, I am humbled when I see him go to his building to pray, I am thankful and full of gratitude for the blessings I have.

No, life isn't perfect, there's tough times and rough times.....but it's MOMENTS LIKE THESE that makes the hard times fade, the hurts of life lessen, makes me see the beauty in the rain, feel the calm in the storm, and bask in the beauty of the moment.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An OBTUSE Cat and things like that....

I'm aware of just how crazy the title of this entry is.....Just as CRAZY as our day has been..
Anyone out there who homeschools knows of the chaos that drives the point of school straight home...LOL..
Today Sweet Son started his online classes....what a headache, so many pc updates, downloads, forum checks, etc. It was one thing after another, while still trying to teach Dear Daughter.
After asking Sweet Son if he knew how to attach a document to his email, he raised one eye brow and responded, "I'm not that far gone." Poor guy, I (who needs help nearly everytime I do anything on a pc) Just asked Mr. Tech if he knew how to attach a file. One strike for Mom.
There were plenty of heated discussions as we signed up, downloaded, responded, etc. to all of the prelims. In the midst of a crucial moment, while Sweet Son and myself were huddled at the kitchen table, both on our knees with elbows on the table top, hovering over the laptop, Dear Daughter came in and breathlessly said, "MOM, I think Kerstin (her cat) is OBTUSE!!! We need to put her on a DIET! LOL!!!!

So, as I wait for yet another download, I type this entry.....I have 4 loads of clothes on the kitchen floor, books all over the livingroom, breakfast and lunch dishes scattered across the counters, pencils, pens, notebooks, paperclips, staplers, pc disks, and stick it notes cover virtually every square inch of our livingroom and kitchen.
Order will prevail,however, as soon as the downloads are finished, I take a couple of tylenol, grab a cup of cinnamon tea and work like the dickens (can you say Tasmanian Devil??) to get things picked back up so we can start again tomorrow.
Handsome Hubby works late again tonight....:-(
But when he comes home, I hope to have this place in order, candles lit, sweet tea and dumplings ready.
Here's to a more productive day tomorrow.....

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Ah, yes, by Friday we were more than ready for a field trip. Since our homeschool budget didn't allow a trip to Wiltshire county, England, we visited KENTUCKY STONEHENGE:

But before we got there we crossed the ferry at Mammoth Cave, where we seen preparations for the mussel study. We also stopped for about 6 deer to look at our car....

The kids enjoyed KY Stonehenge, they thought this stone was straight out of Narnia....

As you can see the stones weren't an EXACT replica, either that, or I've grown VERY tall...

Sweet Son really enjoyed himself...

Dear Daughter and her fave rock....

Oh, and this weekend was my sweet nephew's first birthday, which had a zoo theme...I made these Lion cookies for him.

Both of my grandfathers had bdays, too. The one below is 81! The other turned 80. Pa is a character, he was more than willing to pose for this pic...

The weekend was full of parties, fireworks, cake, ice cream, play, sweat, fried chicken, and the best thing....cousins!!!

Sweet Son couldn't resist this pose at the firehouse for one of the birthday parties


Me and the kids also took a walking tour of downtown Munfordville, where we visited Civil War historical sites, ate lunch at the town square, and enjoyed playing at a fountain.
What a weekend! (and it's not over yet!)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Always a Rainbow....

I'm sure you've heard that age old cliche, "There's always a rainbow after the storm". But is there REALLY? (not literally, but in life) I think there probably is, if not an outright rainbow, then certainly some rays of sunshine....

There have been some times in my life that I thought I would never see life's sunshine again. After my first midterm miscarriage and second blighted miscarriage, my dear Doc broke the news that he "didn't know for sure that I would ever carry to term." Heart breaking....Heart rending.......
But, ultimately, here I am, "blessed" with two children (here on this Earth).
And as most couples, early in our marriage there were lots of things to face as we adjusted to marriage and each other's families. Again, out of the shadows into the sun.
Although, I am hesitant to go in to detail all of (or even the most significant) valleys I have been through (I'm pretty sure I have some family reading and I 1.) don't want to offend anyone and 2.) would rather keep some details locked in my heart) I am certain that I didn't just "luckily" hit the up after a down. I am certain it's God's Grace.
Someone I once knew gave me a little insight, he said, "We don't get the burdens we "deserve", but the ones we can carry" I think we, as a society, have gotten a little seems that we think, " if you are wealthy, then you are "blessed", if you have certain things you are "blessed", in general, you must be "doing things right, because you have money, big cars/houses, lavish vacations, good health, etc." Some of the most humble, god fearing, praying people I know have serious issues in their lives and aren't wealthy.
There have been times when, as I was travelling, I would think, "If only I had prayed harder, lived closer, been a better friend..." But, regardless of it, I am always back to the same square...depending on God's Grace (and Mercy). And that, my friends, is what I believe, that in my life, the rainbows and sunshine are...the Grace and Mercy of my Heavenly Father...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I love the seasons....there's something I like about each one. There has also been something I've liked in each of my "life's seasons". There's something beautiful in each life season, and usually something I'm not too crazy about. For the natural seasons, I love spring because of the new life, but could do without all the mud tracked onto my porch, For summer I like the long days, but would rather not have 100 degree weather in August. During the fall, I love the leaves, Halloween, and the anticipation of holidays, but I could careless about days on end of rain. In winter, I like Christmas, but I'm finished with dreariness and cold after Jan . (when it is usually just beginning). As for my Life's Seasons......

I'm not sure exactly where I am in those. Not a newly wed, it will be 15 years in November...
Also I've passed the baby stage. I remember days when I thought if I wiped one more nose or behind, I would surely go insane. I would get the kids busy when they were toddlers and sneak off to my room to pray. Once, during my commune with Jesus, 2 1/2 year old Sweet Son got on my back and whapped my rear saying, "Giddyap, Mommy" . Argh. I told Jesus, he made me a mother, so surely he understood these moments. LOL Trips to Walmart and errands were down right exhausting...My mama told me it would all pass quickly. Um, yeah, I would say with raised eye brows. After cleaning up red nail polish off the carpet, wiping down "drawings" of eye liner off the shower, calling the Poison Control Center after every taste of plant or substance, snatching scissors away from hair cuttings, using a coolwhip bowl for emergency bathroom trips, and listening in horror as she explained to the man in the Walmart line why he "wasn't nice" ...I was (or so I thought) more than ready for Dear Daughter's "toddler stage" to pass. Now I cry when I watch our home videos. *sigh*
Now the Mama to a 12 year old boy, and almost 10 year old girl, we've reached a very different season....(some where in the summer?). I like the fact they kiddos are independent (for the most part) and our days are pleasant (mostly, not counting Algebra). We home, we aren't weird and we live on our one (ever so graciously earned by Handsome Hubby) income.
I LOVE it! (well, about 99%)
I love sharing this season of my life with my homeschooling friends, but yearn to have a church friend whom to share this experience with.
I find myself wanting to put this current season "on hold". There are the glitches, BUT, I like it that my kids are here with me and content to be so.
I do look forward to a season when I can have a little more alone time with Handsome Hubby.**dreamy eyes**

I can count on my Mom to prepare me for the coming seasons and to help me through the current ones.....she's cool like that. She was a wonderful Mom when I was growing up, and is one of my dearest friends as an adult. When I was in school, I had a lot of pressure from kids (and teachers :-() about how I dressed and what I was allowed to do. Mom said, "just tell them your parents are mean." Absolutely no way was I going to do that. Even then, I thought my parents were great. I appreciate how the raised me and the values that taught me.
If my children have HALF of the respect and gratitude for Handsome Hubby and Me when they get to THIS SEASON in their lives, I will be thankful and blessed!

So for now, in this season, I will serve God the best I now how, continue to love Handsome Hubby with my entire being,take to heart those who are hurt and in need, wear my dresses (along with Dear Daughter), be a Keeper of my Home, love my friends and neighbors, continue to school our Children at home (8 years and counting), endure the raised eyebrows, turn my other cheek, pray for those who have somewhat against me, continue to abandon TV, and go on some of the most AWESOME FIELD TRIPS ever!

My Mom, A few Seasons Ahead....dear to my mentor, confidant, and friend.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Random Weekend Stuff with my Lovely Family

I love the everyone else. This weekend was a little hectic as I ended up in Bowling Green on Saturday to do errands. I usually do not submit myself to this chaos and torture, but since Dear Daughter's 4-H projects for the State Fair were due on Monday I had to get some supplies and couldn't fathom going BACK to town on Monday to do the normal stuff. However, I do have a few pics from the down time this weekend.....

Here is a picture of a sign on my piano...I look at if often. Beside it is Dear Daughter's Fave apple pie candle...

Sweet Son got a new chest of drawers on Friday and the book shelf was moved to Dear Daughter's Room, where she promptly made a bed for Chester (who was immensely enjoying himself). Chester didn't like the fact that he was later replaced with pretty baskets and art supplies.

One of the first errands Saturday was Sweet Son's haircut. Most often he gets them at home, but when time is tight we go for Paul's Barber Shop. Sweet Son informed me that he and Handsome Hubby don't think Walmart is a viable solution to guys haircut issues (my choice when he does have to have a prof. cut since it's where I have to be anyway)....Barber shops are more masculine. Soooo....

Sunday during church Julia broke out in HIVES....yipes. I took her home (after only about 15 minutes worth of a sermon I badly needed) where, she promptly fell asleep after a dose of Benadryl. We missed my Grandaddy's 80th Birthday Party. :-(

But she had a fun, somewhat groggy, afternoon playing with her kittens.

Back of Dear Daughter's sweet little head, still adorned with Sunday Morning's polka dot hairbow. I treasure these years...don't know how many hairbow years I have left. :-(

Sweet Son and ever so Handsome Hubby, engrossed in Chess Master. Handsome Hubby is snacking on Goldfish and Sweet tea.

and my FAVORITE, most LUXURIOUS, absolutely FANTASTIC part of my weekend was a long foot massage with my favorite Victoria's Secret lotion, given lovingly by HANDSOME HUBBY. ooohhh la la. Pic is of my happy toes after Handsome Hubby worked his magic....

Random and somewhat Mundane, but moments I like and treasure none the less. I love my family!!! So VERY MUCH!!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm in Love with a Gentleman!!!

For anyone who knows Handsome know he's a GENTLEMAN!!! For anyone who knows me, you know I am in LOVE with this guy!

It sometimes seems to me that the pride in being, and the want to be a gentleman disappeared right along with the Middle Ages. LOL..
Since Handsome Hubby never toots his own horn, I will do it for him...I love him for many reasons, but the fact that he is a gentleman ranks near the top.
Learning by his example and what he teaches our son Gentleman:
1.) Tries to be diplomatic
2.) Never makes unkind comments about the food he is served (nor does he grunt or frown about it)
3.Do not make comments about other women, or say things to make his spouse feel badly
4.) Love their children, making time for them, he also helps Mom out with them.
5.) Do not make derogatory comments about his wife's weight, body image, etc
6.) Are not "Macho Men"
7.) Do not strut or try to make themselves be seen
8.) Works like the dickens for his family, always going out of the way to see he shoulders the manual labor.

There is more to the list, but these I really appreciate. I love Handsome Hubby, more everyday.
We'll celebrate our 15 year anniversary this November and I look forward to the next 15 , and the next, and the next...

Sweet Son is 12 and I would love for him to grow up to be as much of a gentleman as his Pop is.
Sometimes I see it as in a few weeks ago, when with friends, he was given something to taste that I'm certain he didn't like, he replied, "Very interesting...must have took a long time to make" harharhar!!!
BUT, he's still a work in progress, as recently when chatting online with a female friend he commented that his sister "thinks I have a crush on you, which I don't, isn't that crazy???"
We gently tried to explain that the comment could make the girl feel bad (and we all know how preteen and teen girls are, right??). That it's best not to make those types of comments.
(BTW, when a 12 yr. old goes out of his way to make it known he doesn't have a crush, I would say be suspicious! ;))
Also, Sunday, when a friend of his was over, he had an (albeit unused) box of soap that he didn't like. He casually handed it to his friend and said, "Here's some soap for you to use, if you like it."
ARGH!!! LOL....again, I had to explain to THINK about what you're saying before it comes out.

Dear Daughter compares almost every male with her Daddy (or sometimes Pappaw, 2 most important men in her life). I hear her say things like, "Daddy would NEVER do that" and "I'm glad Daddy is my Daddy" and "I want to marry someone who is as nice as Daddy". Food for my soul (Handsome Hubby laps this up, too.)

Handsome Hubby is definitely the better half of this whole! Beth

Monday, August 3, 2009


I am not, by nature, a patient person. (Thus my struggles with prayers, books, the future, etc.) I am trying VERY hard to curb my anxious, must know, do it now tendencies.

I HATE standing in line! At the bank, the library, Walmart, even at traffic lights (I'm usually sitting) I find it hard not to be frustrated, even if it's just on the inside (but that's where it counts, right?) I find it hard to LIKE standing in line, but I want to be a patient person.....

I, most of the time, find myself in line at the grocery store. Granted, it is much better now that Sweet Son and Dear Daughter can go to the bathroom by themselves and not howl at the urge to "GO" as I'm almost to the checkout lady. But I just Despise standing there. I usually am not interested in reading the disgusting literature displaying the latest Hollywood tragedies, mostly nude bodies, or other brain numbing garbage. If I scrounge I might find a Taste of Home magazine....

BUT, since I am working on my sinful nature, I have been trying to find some constructive things to do while standing in line. Most of the time my children are with me, so we discuss things around us, most always something I don't want to address, but I am hearing their reaction to the World. Also counting our blessings (and trying not to think what our check book is going to be set back by this trip), playing I spy, or something else fun.

Just recently our pastor preached about being "Over charged". So busy, we give the Lord only a few minutes of our time (as a duty) and then feel like we have the rest of the time to us, or being so over loaded our brains are continuously going to the next thing we "need" to do. Which results in half hearted prayers or putting off praying until you are fixing to go to sleep when you fall down and give him a few tired words of thanks. Hmmm....sadly I have been guilty.

All of this from my "standing in line" issue (of which I am working on).

Most of the time I am enlightened by my children, as in the incident of the above picture, taken by Dear Daughter. When she downloaded the pic, she said "Look, Mama, the kittens are standing in line waiting for you to open the door. Chester is in the back because he is a gentlemen letting the lady go first. They are anxious for food, but they're behaving." LOL

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I LOVE my it's not fancy, large, new or updated with the latest, but it's certainly where my heart is......

Our Red Front Door

Our Front Porch.....
When I'm strolling around walmart, chatting with my kids, getting the things our household needs I often find myself visualizing HOME. I like it here....I'm well aware that Handsome Hubby and myself live a lifestyle just outside the normal income, homeschooling, conservative and generally frugal living and our home certainly wouldn't grace the cover of HOME magazine, but it's ours, it's comfy, and it's full of life.
I get comments about how I like to keep our house "clean". I don't like messy and my house is usually messy during the day, but I like things put in their place after we've finished with school.
It's satisfying.... It's kind of like not going to bed mad. I also like Handsome Hubby to come home to a relatively orderly house. My home also appeals to me because Handsome Hubby lovingly provides it for us.
Yes, there are things I would like to have, a utility room and more closet space , to name a few, but I like it here. There was a time I felt intimidated because several of our friends/family seem to have more "stuff" than us. My belief is that if we want more stuff, we would have to make some sacrifices in our life style to have newer car, bigger house, $$ hobbies, exotic vacations, etc. Sacrifices we aren't willing to make. I like Homeschooling, like being at home, etc. Not ready to trade for more stuff. Don't get me wrong, in the event some catastrophe hit, I would work my hardest not to let us go under financially. But just to have more "stuff". No.
I figure, at the end of my life, I probably am not going to say, I wish I would have spent less time away from my kids so we could have drove a newer car, bought a bigger house, etc.
Just guessing, since I haven't been on my death bed yet.
I want to strive to keep God and my family at the top of my priority list. Sometimes I let ME get in the way. Home is more than House, obviously, it's our faith, our friends, our family...and my HEART is definitely there.

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