Weathering our Storms Together

Weathering our Storms Together

Saturday, August 29, 2009


After my "gentleman" post about handsome hubby, I just had to add a lady's post. In my opinion, ladies have just as big of responsibility concerning their behavior as the men here's my Lady's List....not meant to offend anyone......but my view(no matter how outdated) of a Lady.
Had to add this pic of a Victorian Lady....simply outdated, lacking the low slung jeans, body hugging shirt that doesn't meet the jeans, missing the lower back tattoo and body piercings, but looking beautiful...

A True Lady : (as taught to me by my mother)

Tries to Be the best wife and mother she can be

Doesn't leave the raising of her children to other people

Doesn't intentionally show cleavage, and other inappropriate parts of her body (something is wrong if you feel you must "showcase" your body to anyone other than your Hubby)

Loves, pampers, and dotes on her husband

Doesn't Lie

Makes it a point to compliment other Ladies and/or their children

Doesn't dominate a conversation with herself

Doesn't ogle men other than her handsome hubby :-)

Doesn't Cuss

Doesn't Smoke

Dresses like a female/has a feminine air to her

Cares and has a tender heart

(as with the gentleman list, it's a partial....)

I know, I know, this is so last century, but I just *love* it! Society has de-feminized our generation of girls...but I think being a lady is superfantastic.....and BTW, my hubby loves it, too.


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