Weathering our Storms Together

Weathering our Storms Together

Monday, August 3, 2009


I am not, by nature, a patient person. (Thus my struggles with prayers, books, the future, etc.) I am trying VERY hard to curb my anxious, must know, do it now tendencies.

I HATE standing in line! At the bank, the library, Walmart, even at traffic lights (I'm usually sitting) I find it hard not to be frustrated, even if it's just on the inside (but that's where it counts, right?) I find it hard to LIKE standing in line, but I want to be a patient person.....

I, most of the time, find myself in line at the grocery store. Granted, it is much better now that Sweet Son and Dear Daughter can go to the bathroom by themselves and not howl at the urge to "GO" as I'm almost to the checkout lady. But I just Despise standing there. I usually am not interested in reading the disgusting literature displaying the latest Hollywood tragedies, mostly nude bodies, or other brain numbing garbage. If I scrounge I might find a Taste of Home magazine....

BUT, since I am working on my sinful nature, I have been trying to find some constructive things to do while standing in line. Most of the time my children are with me, so we discuss things around us, most always something I don't want to address, but I am hearing their reaction to the World. Also counting our blessings (and trying not to think what our check book is going to be set back by this trip), playing I spy, or something else fun.

Just recently our pastor preached about being "Over charged". So busy, we give the Lord only a few minutes of our time (as a duty) and then feel like we have the rest of the time to us, or being so over loaded our brains are continuously going to the next thing we "need" to do. Which results in half hearted prayers or putting off praying until you are fixing to go to sleep when you fall down and give him a few tired words of thanks. Hmmm....sadly I have been guilty.

All of this from my "standing in line" issue (of which I am working on).

Most of the time I am enlightened by my children, as in the incident of the above picture, taken by Dear Daughter. When she downloaded the pic, she said "Look, Mama, the kittens are standing in line waiting for you to open the door. Chester is in the back because he is a gentlemen letting the lady go first. They are anxious for food, but they're behaving." LOL

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