Weathering our Storms Together

Weathering our Storms Together

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I love the seasons....there's something I like about each one. There has also been something I've liked in each of my "life's seasons". There's something beautiful in each life season, and usually something I'm not too crazy about. For the natural seasons, I love spring because of the new life, but could do without all the mud tracked onto my porch, For summer I like the long days, but would rather not have 100 degree weather in August. During the fall, I love the leaves, Halloween, and the anticipation of holidays, but I could careless about days on end of rain. In winter, I like Christmas, but I'm finished with dreariness and cold after Jan . (when it is usually just beginning). As for my Life's Seasons......

I'm not sure exactly where I am in those. Not a newly wed, it will be 15 years in November...
Also I've passed the baby stage. I remember days when I thought if I wiped one more nose or behind, I would surely go insane. I would get the kids busy when they were toddlers and sneak off to my room to pray. Once, during my commune with Jesus, 2 1/2 year old Sweet Son got on my back and whapped my rear saying, "Giddyap, Mommy" . Argh. I told Jesus, he made me a mother, so surely he understood these moments. LOL Trips to Walmart and errands were down right exhausting...My mama told me it would all pass quickly. Um, yeah, I would say with raised eye brows. After cleaning up red nail polish off the carpet, wiping down "drawings" of eye liner off the shower, calling the Poison Control Center after every taste of plant or substance, snatching scissors away from hair cuttings, using a coolwhip bowl for emergency bathroom trips, and listening in horror as she explained to the man in the Walmart line why he "wasn't nice" ...I was (or so I thought) more than ready for Dear Daughter's "toddler stage" to pass. Now I cry when I watch our home videos. *sigh*
Now the Mama to a 12 year old boy, and almost 10 year old girl, we've reached a very different season....(some where in the summer?). I like the fact they kiddos are independent (for the most part) and our days are pleasant (mostly, not counting Algebra). We home, we aren't weird and we live on our one (ever so graciously earned by Handsome Hubby) income.
I LOVE it! (well, about 99%)
I love sharing this season of my life with my homeschooling friends, but yearn to have a church friend whom to share this experience with.
I find myself wanting to put this current season "on hold". There are the glitches, BUT, I like it that my kids are here with me and content to be so.
I do look forward to a season when I can have a little more alone time with Handsome Hubby.**dreamy eyes**

I can count on my Mom to prepare me for the coming seasons and to help me through the current ones.....she's cool like that. She was a wonderful Mom when I was growing up, and is one of my dearest friends as an adult. When I was in school, I had a lot of pressure from kids (and teachers :-() about how I dressed and what I was allowed to do. Mom said, "just tell them your parents are mean." Absolutely no way was I going to do that. Even then, I thought my parents were great. I appreciate how the raised me and the values that taught me.
If my children have HALF of the respect and gratitude for Handsome Hubby and Me when they get to THIS SEASON in their lives, I will be thankful and blessed!

So for now, in this season, I will serve God the best I now how, continue to love Handsome Hubby with my entire being,take to heart those who are hurt and in need, wear my dresses (along with Dear Daughter), be a Keeper of my Home, love my friends and neighbors, continue to school our Children at home (8 years and counting), endure the raised eyebrows, turn my other cheek, pray for those who have somewhat against me, continue to abandon TV, and go on some of the most AWESOME FIELD TRIPS ever!

My Mom, A few Seasons Ahead....dear to my mentor, confidant, and friend.

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