Weathering our Storms Together

Weathering our Storms Together

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An OBTUSE Cat and things like that....

I'm aware of just how crazy the title of this entry is.....Just as CRAZY as our day has been..
Anyone out there who homeschools knows of the chaos that drives the point of school straight home...LOL..
Today Sweet Son started his online classes....what a headache, so many pc updates, downloads, forum checks, etc. It was one thing after another, while still trying to teach Dear Daughter.
After asking Sweet Son if he knew how to attach a document to his email, he raised one eye brow and responded, "I'm not that far gone." Poor guy, I (who needs help nearly everytime I do anything on a pc) Just asked Mr. Tech if he knew how to attach a file. One strike for Mom.
There were plenty of heated discussions as we signed up, downloaded, responded, etc. to all of the prelims. In the midst of a crucial moment, while Sweet Son and myself were huddled at the kitchen table, both on our knees with elbows on the table top, hovering over the laptop, Dear Daughter came in and breathlessly said, "MOM, I think Kerstin (her cat) is OBTUSE!!! We need to put her on a DIET! LOL!!!!

So, as I wait for yet another download, I type this entry.....I have 4 loads of clothes on the kitchen floor, books all over the livingroom, breakfast and lunch dishes scattered across the counters, pencils, pens, notebooks, paperclips, staplers, pc disks, and stick it notes cover virtually every square inch of our livingroom and kitchen.
Order will prevail,however, as soon as the downloads are finished, I take a couple of tylenol, grab a cup of cinnamon tea and work like the dickens (can you say Tasmanian Devil??) to get things picked back up so we can start again tomorrow.
Handsome Hubby works late again tonight....:-(
But when he comes home, I hope to have this place in order, candles lit, sweet tea and dumplings ready.
Here's to a more productive day tomorrow.....

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