Weathering our Storms Together

Weathering our Storms Together

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Ohhh....I just *Love* fall....I know it isn't technically here yet, but the crisp breeze let's me know fall is on the way.
I get the nesting syndrome with fall, I have noticed other ladies suffer from this, as well. It's a female phenomenon. I get the urge to bake, preserve, sew, tidy up, sweep the porch, clean the windows, make soup, paint something, and on and on....
Fall reminds me of .....

pumpkin carving with Handsome Hubby and the kids, I roast the pumpkin seeds while they decide on designs and our master artist (Handsome Hubby) makes a fantastic pumpkin creation.

Halloween (no we aren't pagan) .... I enjoy making creative cupcakes, ghost cakes, pumpkin cookies, costumes and celebrating my Dad's birthday. Fun, fun, fun I especially love trick or treat.

Carmel Apples....yum! slurp! I love to homemake them and then lick the caramel bowl. ( I don't hide the caramel bowl for myself, nope, I wouldn't do that...good mothers *share* with their kids)

Purring cats are indoor/outdoor, but the prefer the cozy inside once the weather becomes cool. When I sit down, there's usually a cat on my lap or near by.

Walks...I love to hear the crunch that leaves make when we go walking, I like the swirl and swish as my family and I walk together.

Wild 'em better than any rose.

Hotdog and Marshmallow roasts....always this time of year we have at least a couple. Handsome Hubby and I love to lay on our backs on a blanket and look up at the stars. I like to roast my marshmallows until they are burnt, eat the outside and then put them back on to roast again.

Fall the games, laughter, pumpkins and exhausted kids.

oh, and *hot chocolate*....this is my with with a hint of cinnamon and whipped cream.

Here's to the fall days ahead of us..........


  1. I love fall too! Thanks for the blogs...I am so busy teaching 4 I never update my blog...I need to start, there is a lot WE DO!!! Love ya,

  2. Thanks Leah, HSing does take a lot of time and energy....bless you and yours for taking on the challenge! Love ya!


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