Weathering our Storms Together

Weathering our Storms Together

Friday, May 10, 2013

A Long, Long Year...........

       So, it's been almost one year since I lasted posted in my blog.  Several times over the past year I have wrote a post only to leave it unpublished.  This past year has brought a lot of heartache for me,  the few (and I do literally mean few)  that know what my life was like last summer knows that I was on my lowest limb.  When I finally was gaining my footing, with the help of my loving husband, our church was rocked to the core by scandal. Although the events, in both cases, were completely out of my control and of no personal fault of mine, my heart broke....then broke some more.  I hope never to relive many events of last summer. I'm leaving a few random thoughts below....and I hope I'll have the heart to blog more this summer.
1.) A mother's love is like no other.  When our children are babies, toddlers,  and early is impossible to see the challenges that will arise in the future.  Some how, we are lulled into a false sense of security that if we do A then B will follow. Anyone who is a mother of a teenager (most likely) is aware of this. Love your children unconditionally, just as our God loves is one of the most important things you could ever do for your child.  I am grateful beyond written expression for my Sweet Son and Dear Daughter.  May they always know there is absolutely nothing in this World that could make me not love them.  Disappointment? Yes. Unloved? Never. 

2.)  Besides God, my Marriage is my rock.  Handsome Hubby is my go-to for everything.  I am thankful that I am married only once, have children by no other, and have never been intimate with any other person in this world.   I am happy to be with him.  Truly, sincerely, deeply, madly in love with this man. I don't desire to look at anyone, will not be heard commenting on the good looks of this guy or that...because I have this love is reciprocated....and that is that.

3.)  It is my belief that some things are already judged.  By God. No matter what you call it, how you dice it, slice it, dress it up, or strip it down....the truth is what remains.  It is what it is.  We are commanded by God not to do certain things and to do others (THE BIG TEN!!!)

4.)  If someone's beliefs offend you.... attacking them (verbally, physically or otherwise) is not the answer. The end.

5.) Teenagers need their parents to be present in their lives just as much as when they were little.

6.) I wish I was closer to my in-laws. It's sad that we live this close and never see each other. They raised one awesome guy and he's made a fabulous Husband and Daddy.

7.)  I'm very glad that I have had the experience of parenting both genders.

8.)  Be nice. I mean really...if you are an adult there is no excuse for being mean.

9.) Be patient with children.  They aren't mini adults.

10.)  If you aren't going to raise your children...don't have them. Grandparents should be able to be just that.

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