Weathering our Storms Together

Weathering our Storms Together

Friday, September 4, 2009

Everyday Angels

I love my family, I mean, really, I do. They are *great*! You know that old saying, "If you can't say anything nice about someone, don't say anything at all?" Well, I can say so many good things about the wonderful people below there isn't enough room to write it all! Of course, this isn't *all* of the people in my family. But this is my immediate family and those I am closest here goes.....the truth, like it is, and some praise for my every-day angels.....

Ok, I know that, by now, most of you get the picture that I am hopelessly in love with Handsome Hubby....but it doesn't matter to me how many times I say it, it's new every time the words cross my lips.....He's wonderful. Hardworking. Honest. Has Integrity. He kills spiders for me. He gives me foot massages (remember previous post?). He buys me Lemonade at Chic Fila. He fixes things I break (that's his other full time job). He puts up with my cats. He loves my parents and are good to them. He's the father of my children, a soul mate, my better half. He's a praying man and takes his family seriously...I LOVE him!

My first, (born living) of the most kind hearted, souls I know. Sweet Son takes to the cake.....figuratively speaking. (and sometimes literally, he shares my love of sweets). Homeschooled for over 8 years, Saved by HIS Grace for 2 years, and tramping on my heart for a little over 12 years. Kind, an advocate for the underdog, the injured, the overlooked. Strong in his beliefs...unbelievably MALE, and sometimes completely baffling! Love him, and he loves me, granted a lot of the times he tells me how great I am when I am cooking (LOL).

Dear Daughter, cute as a button, girly-girl, animal loving, strong willed, independent, determined she-warrior. Loves to organized, straighten and clean. Finds lost items often (hired her last week to "find" my engagement ring that I flung across the bathroom, she found it embedded in a towel in the back of the closet, took her all of 15 minutes, after which, she accepts her reward of $5)
Tenderhearted, self concious, little lady, daddy's girl, (I'm seeing a repeat of my young self), loves to cook, care for our neighbors, adores babies, Loves her Granny and Pappaw (see pics of G and P below). Thinks her Aunt Char. is Great (how right she is), loves her uncle Ch., and likes to spend time with her cousins. I love Dear Daughter, she's fun to be with and I'm so glad she's my girl!
Here's a pic of Handsome Hubby with my Mother. My Mom is super. She's a people person who most love. (I am in the opinion if you don't love her, it's because of jealousy, LOL) She and my Dad are high school sweet hearts. They are parents at the premium. Mom was great when I was young, and has become a close friend in the present years. I call her often asking for advice, to chit chat, to complain, to whine, and to get encouragement. I was one of those kids who was never ashamed of my parents...I loved Mom to be with me, I still like it. Mom is full of smiles, and never asks personal questions, neither does she try to "get into our business". She's a grand-kid loving, cookie baking, hard praying, husband loving kind of mom. She loves me and my brother unconditionally. (even when both of us has done things she didn't like/didn't agree with...she never *shunned* us) What a MOM! BTW, my mom loves Handsome Hubby dearly (who wouldn't) well as Super Sister in Law. Handsome Hubby loves and cares for my parents which makes me love him more.

ah...My Daddy....a quite spirited man (just don't get him angry), a super conservative, peanut butter loving guy whom I love immensely! Loves his grandkids, calls and checks on us all most days. This is the guy who bought me candy at the country store, sliced my apples when I lost my front teeth, made me try for my driver's license, took on the Board of Education when I was harassed for wearing dresses, laughed when I wanted Jarrod to come to our house the first time, toted my kids on his shoulders and takes them to the feed mill, Dairy Queen, and anywhere else he might be going. He's the man that comes by on Sunday morning to have the kids ride to church with him, has supported our decision to homeschool, and most importantly prays for my family. Here's a pic of him holding my angelic nephew....(angelic nephew now says Pappaw, but not "aunt Beth" bah. I gotta fix that.) I love my Dad!!

Pics below are of my Big Brother and Sweet Sis in law....both who work very hard in the medical field. I have nice things to say about Big Brother now, like how hard he works, how he cares for the sick, and loves his family. I *wouldn't* have had nice things to say when we were teenagers...who loves the brother who pours dill pickle juice in your lemonade, hides under your bed at night and grabs your ankles, baptizes you in the creek, and does many more annoying (borderline evil) things to you???LOL Time has mellowed us both. His wife, my Sweet Sis in Law, is *wonderful* ...caring for all of my nieces and other nephew as they were her own....and giving us Angelic Nephew...sigh. Sweet sis in law also is good to my parents (gotta love her for that). She's beautiful inside and out.

These are my everyday angels, those I love, care about and hold dear, who make my life brighter....My Family.

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