Weathering our Storms Together

Weathering our Storms Together

Monday, September 28, 2009

Living it.....Loving it.....

I know I have several homeschooling families reading my blog, and so if you are one of them, this post is probably not very insightful....however, I also have friends and family reading who are very curious to how we spend our time, why handsome hubby and myself feel like *we* can give our children a good education, why we aren't worried about socialization, and don't our kids want to go to public school????
The above pic is of Sweet Son volunteering at our local public school (5/6 center). He is helping out at the Health camp. He worked with several kids, enjoyed the Senior football players helping out and just adored the "drunk glasses". And guess what??? He carried on intelligent conversation with the Senior guys, the coach, the teachers, adult visitors, and the children. Hmmm...Socialization was the *big scare* when we first embarked on the endeavor, I'm not very concerned now. From Webster's Online Dictionary: Socialization: To make Social, to fit or train for a social environment.
Handsome Hubby and myself are pleased that our children socialize with all different age groups, can carry on a conversation, without prodding, with a three year old, up to a 100 year old.

Dear Daughter also volunteering at the Health Fair (thanks Mrs. Libby). Helping the kids build a healthy snack.
Here Julia is working on a budgeting assignment. I taught a budgeting class at our local community action. The kids helped out a lot. Handsome Hubby and I figure that if we give the children lots of different learning opportunities, in many different environments, with many different people (ages and otherwise)...they will be well rounded and prepared. Don't know about the future, but I am proud of them!
Here Sweet Son and Dear Daughter deliver food with the Feed America Back Pack program to our local schools. Mrs. Libby took her time to teach the kids about the hungry children in our small county and what they can do to help. Alex is also working on a paper for his geography class concerning World Hunger. It was surprising to the kids (and me) how many people were in need of food in our area.
Kiddos unloading boxes for a couple of different food programs for our hometown.
Julia learning her CPR. Alex has been certified since last year (recently recerted). Both kids enjoy the Red Cross and are trained in first aid, CPR, and have a babysitter's certification.

Sweet Son and Dear Daughter in their Red Cross Gear working the Edmonson County Chamber Breakfast. They love working in our county (me, too!).

And, No, neither Alex or Julia, to this point, want to go to public or private school.....both have expressed their desire, adamantly, to homeschool......I don't know what the future holds, but for now, this is our life.
Our days go something like this:
Start at7:30ish. Bible reading, Reading aloud....Alex goes to work on his online classes, lots of research, posting to forums, and papers to write. I work with Julia on her math and grammar.
Both kids read literature selections. Spelling, critical thinking. History, Science.....Typing instruction. Visits to national geographic websites....Fox News, CNN, Washington Post for current events. Some days we work on 4-H projects, usually at least 3 days out of the week we do an outside activity, Red Cross, 4-H, Community Service, Library activities...Alex is on the WKU Forensics (speech/debate) Team, and we also try to see our family.
Other than that, we learn as much as we can about life. I make sure both of my kids know how to shop, pay for their items, what to do in an emergency if we are out, how to use the Library system for anything w/out having to ask for help, How much electric costs, where to pay for it, how to fill up the car with gas and pay, checking oil, being kind, doing laundry, where our trash goes, what accrued interest is, how we borrow money...yada, get the picture.....
Well, that's about it....
oh and we show our children LOVE.....between Handsome hubby and myself....from us to them....and depend on our Heavenly Father.....Beth

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