Weathering our Storms Together

Weathering our Storms Together

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family Life....

I'm gonna get on my soap box here......if you're not conservative or family oriented now's the time to click the little red X on the top right of your screen. :-)

The lack of accountability is destroying the family makes me so sad. It's slowing deteriorating the stability our children are due. It's undermining the husband/wife relationship, and totally blasting away at our relationships with God. It seems our society is always looking for someone to lay the blame on. From Washington right down to our living rooms, it's a daily occurrence.
Divorce seems to be the "in" right now. It has effected many of my family and friends, but thank God not my home. I am not above any of these people, nor is my husband. It's a daily prayer for me and Handsome Hubby, to keep us together. I'm not at all certain of all the going ons in a failing marriage, but lack of accountability kinda jumps out. I am in the opinion of men having the head of the household status. It's manly, nice for the wife, comforting to the children, AND it's biblical. There is very little that Handsome Hubby and myself disagree on, but, he has the final say in the event that we can't get it together. Marriage is strengthening, it's God's plan for man and woman (don't even get me started on Homosexuality). I firmly believe the lack of accountability that leads to many destroyed families, thus the infidelity, arguments, power battles, etc. It's so sad, it makes me want to stand up and fight for the family unit, for our children. For them not to make Divorce the norm in their lives.

Handsome Hubby and myself have been married for almost fifteen years. A far cry from my parents 37 and my granparent's 57. But I love married life, I enjoy married life and make an effort to make Handsome Hubby happy and content, I don't down him, say he gets on my nerves, ask him to get out of the house, etc. Why? Because I love him, and I wouldn't want him to say those things to me (which he doesn't). I once read a book that suggested, no matter how miserable you are, spend a few days doing all you can to make your spouse happy. I like that suggestion.
Handsome Hubby and myself to little things for each when I'm in town, I might drop by and bring Jarrod ice cream and a kiss. I might surprise him and meet him at the office for lunch, leave him love notes, make his favorite dinner, give spontaneous hugs, etc. It makes him smile and feel loved.
Handsome Hubby brings me flowers, rubs my feet, treats me to lotions, grills me yummy chicken, fixes broken things in the house, calls to see how I am, gives me hugs and kisses, etc. It makes me smile and feel loved.
Ultimately, we are responsible for our own actions, good, bad, or somewhere in's our choice and we make it.
Children are the ultimate benefactors of accountable parents who make an effort in their marriage. They feel comfortable in it, there's balance in a home that has Mother and Father under one roof, loving each other.
We had our nephew with us today in the car after church, when we pulled in our carport, Handsome Hubby and myself shared a long kiss. Nephew says, YUCK! GROSS!
Sweet Son says, "aw, they do that all the time, they just smooch and smooch"
Let your children know how much you love each other and how much you love's valuable!

Responsibility and Accountability go hand in hand and strengthens the family. Love your spouse, love your children, and above all Love and Serve God....


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