Weathering our Storms Together

Weathering our Storms Together

Friday, October 9, 2009

Privacy....or the lack there of...

La Toilette. About the only place, recently, that I'm alone....well,not really alone, because I have many conversations through the bathroom door with my kids. This is, however, a step up. Not so many years back the kids, or at least one of them sat at my feet while I was on the toilet, or in my lap, or played with hair curlers in the floor.

I *love* homeschooling, but if there is anything I struggle with it's the lack of privacy....or lack of minutes I have alone. Everyone needs a few minutes alone at times. Sweet Son is 12 and Dear Daughter is 10 and they've always been home w/me....they've never been to public school (gasp, gasp). When they were little, I didn't have to worry much about what I said at the doctor's office, what they heard in my phone conversations, etc. etc. But now it's a real issue.
Earlier this year I had a hysterectomy. My kids went with me to *every* doctor's visit. In fact they were both with me at the initial visit just for a check up when Doc first thought there was something wrong. I was scared....but I had to gather myself together and go out and tell my kids it was "no big deal" that they needed to run a few tests. There sat both kids leafing through publications on breast cancer, ovarian and cervical cancer etc. (the only reading material in the office) Immediately both of them froze. and started to worry. And wanted to come back with me for the tests. Er, no honey, I don't think that is a good idea. (internal ultrasound). Both of the kids became well educated on fibroid tumors and learned about a my surgery and was there the day of.
Another issue for me is the buying of personal items. The kids are old enough now to send a few isles over and browse. But they both love looking through my cart. ARGH. Some things I just don't want them to see."What is this, Mom?" Gee Whiz.
Phone conversations are always monitored. Most of the time by dear daughter.....LOL. Very curious little lady, she is. For the most part the kids go w/me to the grocery, dentist, doctor, errands, well, just about anything I have to do. For the most part I enjoy it.
Every couple of months my parent's will offer to keep them for an afternoon or overnight. I really enjoy the first couple of hours. After that, my need to be alone or have privacy starts waning...if they stay over night, by the next morning I'm down right anxious for them to get home....LOL
I think about how quickly the past 10 and 12 years have passed...I don't have that many more left with them as I'm more than willing to forgo my privacy (and maybe even a tad of my sanity) to have the time with them.

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  1. I agree with you on it all....We all share everything...I have no privacy either...I have given up...We don't even shut the door of the bathroom unless we have company ;-P I just remember how soon they grow and it is crazy...My oldest is 14 and he acts like he is an adult and I keep telling him to stop growing up *smile*


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