Weathering our Storms Together

Weathering our Storms Together

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Praying Dad

One of my fondest childhood memories are of looking out my bedroom window to see my Daddy headed to the red building at the back of our property. I was familiar with this journey, he made it often. I would give him a few minutes, then tiptoe my way to outside of the building and make myself comfortable and quiet. I was always intrigued to hear what he was praying for or about...I would listen as he called the names of family, friends, neighbors, and of people that I didn't know. I would wait intently and sometimes I could tell when his petition changed from words to praying.... I would hear him pray for me and my brother, his words always sobered me. When I thought he was almost finished, I would run to the house, or walk noisily as if I had just came up...then slide my hand in his and walk back to the house. As I grew up, after I was saved, I still listened to Dad (and Mom, too, it's just Dads are on my mind) pray. I was the kid full of questions (wonder if that had anything to do with Dad's frequent trips to the building to pray?? LOL). Sometimes he grew impatient with them all, but always answered. He wasn't the kind of Dad who wouldn't allow the question "WHY?". And ask why I did...when he wouldn't let me do something, or go somewhere...and he always had an answer, only ONE time do I remember him saying to me "because I said so" after I asked.

He also encouraged me to "pray your own prayer"....he told me I had the same access to God as he did. I love him for that.

NOW, my kids have their own praying Dad. Handsome Hubby prays with us as a family, but there are times he heads off to his own building, or to the bedroom. I have watched Sweet Son and Dear Daughter as they listen....or they will ask "who is so and so?" after hearing Handsome Hubby pray. Sweet Daughter often sets on his lap has he reads the Bible....priceless to me.

I've learned a lot from praying Dads. I've known several and have come to the conclusion that kids like to hear their parents pray. Handsome hubby is one of the most humble men I know, I'm thankful to have him as the father of my children.

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  1. Beth:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories about your dad. You and your family are a real blessing. Thanks for being our friends!!!


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