Weathering our Storms Together

Weathering our Storms Together

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am taking the time, out of necessity and love for my sanity, to reevaluate my goals. I am the person who LOVES to do lots of stuff. I especially like to help folks out. I think it's common, especially in today's society, for people to feel overwhelmed, too extended and like there aren't enough hours in a day. I don't want to be a person who becomes cranky and unkind over life's demands. Life does have many demands, but so many times demands aren't coming from life, but those around you and how you perceive requests and demands.....

As in one of my previous posts, I believe there are "seasons" in our lives, and I am trying to focus on what is important *now* in my life. I am also trying to come to grips with the fact I don't have to do everything anyone asks of me. I find myself fretting over what will happen if I turn them down. As if how well they "like" me depends on how much I do for them. This thought process has resulted in an overload. :-( Not good.

After Handsome Hubby and I got married, it was in our hearts to have children and for me to stay at home and actually be a mother to them and for them to be raised with us in our home and not dropped at a sitter or daycare every day. This isn't a slur to anyone who lives their lives this way, but simply what we felt was right, and best for children in general. I also wanted my parents to be "Pappaw and Granny" and not a babysitter or in the responsibility mode for my children on a regular basis. So we decided I would stay home. SO many people interpret that as *not working*. (cough, snort) I would get (and still do get) phone calls with folks saying, "well, I had to work all day, or ________ (fill in the blank with person) had to work all day." An unspoken dig at the fact that I was "not working". Initially I would just get aggravated, then I decided, that they meant no harm and just tried to over look it. Thinking they perhaps thought being at home every day equaled what they do on the weekend on a daily basis. Their bad for making assumptions of what my days are like without any facts. My bad for letting it get under my skin.

My purpose right now is faith, my family, and getting my kiddos through school. I am more than willing to help folks out along the way when I can, because I most certainly love to do that. I especially like helping the ones that don't ask for the help and those who are in great need of it.
However, Handsome Hubby, Sweet Son, and Dear Daughter have to be priority on my list. They are the ones God gave to me..,,

So, obviously my Goal isn't to get rich, (one income and homeschooling kinda states that fact), nor is it fame, but just being a responsible, content person. Giving my children opportunities to strengthen them into adults that will be able to handle the pressures of life in a responsible way is very important to myself and Handsome Hubby. Being the best I can be for my family and taking the time when I can to help others along the way. *AND* not letting someone pull a guilt trip on me when I can't do what they are asking, wanting, needing or demanding. Maybe that's not a goal, perhaps it's just priority. I shall not grow weary in well doing, but I also shall not over extend myself to the point that my *responsibilities* are being left at the end of my to do list.

What are your goals? Responsibilities? Are you letting someone "should" on you?? (you should do this, or you should do that?) Step back and take inventory...that's what I am trying to do...

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