Weathering our Storms Together

Weathering our Storms Together

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Summer Break???

We're all so excited to be winding down our "school year"here at the Hawkins' house. Our 175 "required" days are in or nearly in and we are focusing on finishing lessons, books, and going over concepts that we may have had trouble with. Our acheivement testing is finished, club meetings will end in May, Speech will wind up in a month or so, required literature has been read, final reports will soon be put in the kids' portfolios, we're finishing up our final History unit study, and we're ready to plant flowers!
we're ready to hit the Summer learning season...I don't think I've met many homeschooling families who do the cold turkey thing in the summer....we take those few months to dig into more community service projects, life skills, science projects, SOKY fair entries, and working on more difficult math concepts. Still, it's a break from our normal book work. :-)

I like to use those days to hone in on the life skills the kids need. Let them help pay the bills, make the deposits at the bank, grocery shop, change the oil, mow the yard, cook dinner, baby sit, and other things they will be sure to use in their lives ahead. While Sweet Son and Dear Daughter do some of these things on a regular basis, I think it's really fun to "dig deeper", like letting them plan a menu, make a grocery list, and give them a budget to do the shopping on. Sure, it takes much more time than if I just did that stuff myself, but the lessons are invaluable!

We also look forward to some fun times, we like bonfires, bike rides, walks at Mammoth Cave, lemonade on the deck, yard sales, and the other three in my family also look forward to canoeing and fishing. :-)

Looking forward to the warm weather and the changes it brings..........

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