Weathering our Storms Together

Weathering our Storms Together

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It's time for another LOVE and MARRIAGE post! I adore hearing how husbands and wives show their devotion and love to each other. In the past month I've heard how one husband washes the dishes every time she cooks, of one hubby buying his wife a piano and the lessons to go with it, how one wife got *the ultimate* washer and dryer set she had been wanting for years...SWEET!
It's nifty when you can see the give and take of a strong relationship.
I'm a nut for the small things....which I suppose is a good thing, because the *large* things aren't an option in our life right now. I say this with no malice, as we are consciously making a decision to keep me home, with our children, homeschooling them. My own Handsome Hubby thrills my heart when he holds my hand, pats my back, kisses my cheek, gives me an understanding look at the right time, etc. One of the things I appreciate MOST about Handsome Hubby is that he doesn't *down* me in any way. To his friends, family, our kids...ANYONE. He's such a great guy. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HIM!!!
You know what? I was accustomed to this. My wonderful parents showed the same kind of affection. I have NEVER heard my Dad speak down of my Mom to anyone, OR comment on how attractive he thinks another female is (unless it is of course his daughter (ME!) or his granddaughters.) My parents routinely kissed, held hands, sat close, etc. They STILL do.
I am an advocate for strong, faithful, Godly marriages. I am also an advocate of abandoning television for this simple reason. We are continuously throwing images of infidelity to our children, with a big green check mark beside it. ARGH. Corruption!!!
This isn't rocket's just laziness and lack of self discipline....or something akin to it. Guys step up and be men...Women step down and be ladies.
I gladly embrace my feminine place in our life....For the love of Handsome Hubby!

The pic above is of the heart Handsome Hubby "stomped out" for me...

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